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Newly Synthesized Melphalan Analogs Induce DNA Damage and Mitotic Catastrophe in Hematological Malignant Cancer Cells (2022) Poczta A, Krzeczynski P, Ionov M, Rogalska A, Gaipl U, Marczak A, Lubgan D Journal article Novel [FeFe]-Hydrogenase Mimics: Unexpected Course of the Reaction of Ferrocenyl α-Thienyl Thioketone with Fe3(CO)12 † (2022) Daraosheh AQ, Abul-Futouh H, Murakami N, Ziems KM, Goerls H, Kupfer S, Gräfe S, et al. Journal article Quantum gravity phenomenology at the dawn of the multi-messenger era—A review (2022) Addazi A, Alvarez-Muniz J, Alves Batista R, Amelino-Camelia G, Antonelli V, Arzano M, Asorey M, et al. Journal article, Review article Towards Precision Measurements of Accreting Black Holes Using X-Ray Reflection Spectroscopy (2021) Bambi C, Brenneman LW, Dauser T, Garcia J, Grinberg V, Ingram A, Jiang J, et al. Journal article, Review article Cyclic derivative of morphiceptin Dmt-cyclo-(D-Lys-Phe-D-Pro-Asp)-NH2(P-317), a mixed agonist of MOP and KOP opioid receptors, exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activity in colitis and colitis-associated colorectal cancer in mice (2020) Zielińska M, Szymaszkiewicz A, Jacenik D, Schodel L, Sałaga M, Zatorski H, Kordek R, et al. Journal article Iron(0)-Mediated Stereoselective (3+2)-Cycloaddition of Thiochalcones via a Diradical Intermediate (2020) Buday P, Seeber P, Zens C, Abul-Futouh H, Goerls H, Gräfe S, Matczak P, et al. Journal article Effect of the Structure of Therapeutic Adenosine Analogues on Stability and Surface Electrostatic Potential of their Complexes with Poly(propyleneimine) Dendrimers (2019) Gorzkiewicz M, Appelhans D, Boye S, Lederer A, Voit B, Klajnert-Maculewicz B Journal article Genetic polymorphisms in inflammatory and other regulators in gastric cancer: Risks and clinical consequences (2019) Rudnicka K, Backert S, Chmiela M Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Affecting NF-κB cell signaling pathway in chronic lymphocytic leukemia by dendrimers-based nanoparticles (2018) Franiak-Pietryga I, Ostrowsk K, Maciejewski H, Ziemba B, Appelhans D, Voit B, Jander M, et al. Journal article GrassPlot - a database of multi-scale plant diversity in Palaearctic grasslands (2018) Dengler J, Wagner V, Dembicz I, Garcia-Mijangos I, Naqinezhad A, Boch S, Chiarucci A, et al. Journal article, Original article
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