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Location: Islamabad, Pakistan (PK) PK

ISNI: 0000000122151297

ROR: https://ror.org/04s9hft57

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Non-enzymatic hydrogen peroxide detection on a novel nanohybrid composite of chitosan and grafted graphene oxide (2023) Nasir A, Khalid S, Mazare AV, Yasin T Journal article Dual pH and microbial-sensitive galactosylated polymeric nanocargoes for multi-level targeting to combat ulcerative colitis (2023) Zeeshan M, Ain QU, Weigmann B, Story D, Smith BR, Ali H Journal article QbD-based fabrication of transferrin-anchored nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery to macrophages and colon cells for mucosal inflammation healing (2022) Zeeshan M, Ain QU, Sunny A, Raza F, Mohsin M, Khan S, Weigmann B, Ali H Journal article A Review on the Progress and Future of TiO2/Graphene Photocatalysts (2022) Nasir A, Khalid S, Yasin T, Mazare AV Journal article, Review article Small but powerful: will nanoparticles be the future state‐of‐the‐art therapy for IBD? (2022) Lechner K, Zeeshan M, Noack M, Ali H, Neurath M, Weigmann B Journal article, Review article Polyvinyl Alcohol and Nano-Clay Based Solution Processed Packaging Coatings (2021) Chandio AD, Channa IA, Rizwan M, Akram S, Javed MS, Siyal SH, Saleem M, et al. Journal article Effect of silica nanoparticles on carbon dioxide separation performances of PVA/PEG cross-linked membranes (2021) Dilshad MR, Islam A, Haider B, Sajid M, Ijaz A, Khan RU, Khan WG Journal article Advances in orally-delivered pH-sensitive nanocarrier systems; an optimistic approach for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (2019) Zeeshan M, Ali H, Khan S, Khan SA, Weigmann B Journal article, Review article Budesonide Loaded PLGA Nanoparticles for Targeting the Inflamed Intestinal Mucosa-Pharmaceutical Characterization and Fluorescence Imaging (2016) Ali H, Weigmann B, Collnot EM, Khan SA, Windbergs M, Lehr CM Journal article