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Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (SA) SA

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Upper Cretaceous (Coniacian-Santonian) low diversity oyster-dominated macrofaunal association in the Eastern Desert of Egypt: Taphonomy versus ecology (2023) Abdelhady AA, Ayoub-Hannaa W, Ahmed MS, Hussain AM Journal article New and emerging technologies in paleontology and paleobiology: A horizon scanning review (2023) Abdelhady AA, Seuß B, Jain S, Abdel-Raheem KH, Elsheikh A, Ahmed MS, Elewa AM, Hussain AM Journal article Oyster-dominated macrobenthic associations in the Cenomanian of Djebel Bouarif (Aures Mountains, Northeastern Algeria) (2023) Aouissi R, Abdelhady AA, Martinez S, Ahmed MS, Hannaa W, Jain S, Salmi-Laouar S Journal article Diagnostic criteria for Buerger's disease: International Consensus of VAS - European Independent Foundation in Angiology/Vascular Medicine (2023) Fazeli B, Poredos P, Kozak M, Pecsvarady Z, Catalano M, Al Salman MM, Altarazi L, et al. Journal article The emergence of macroscopic currents in photoconductive sampling of optical fields (2022) Schoetz J, Maliakkal A, Bloechl J, Zimin D, Wang Z, Rosenberger P, Alharbi M, et al. Journal article Fifth-order nonlinear optical response of Alq3 thin films (2022) Saleh A, Li W, Alqahtani H, Neuhaus M, Alshehri A, Bergues B, Alharbi M, et al. Journal article Traceological analysis of lithics from the Camel Site, al-Jawf, Saudi Arabia: an experimental approach to identifying mineral processing activities using silcrete tools (2022) Hilbert YH, Clemente-Conte I, Crassard R, Charloux G, Guagnin M, Alsharekh AM Journal article Transient field-resolved reflectometry at 50-100 THz (2022) Neuhaus M, Schoetz J, Aulich M, Srivastava A, Kimbaras D, Smejkal V, Pervak V, et al. Journal article Polyvinyl Alcohol and Nano-Clay Based Solution Processed Packaging Coatings (2021) Chandio AD, Channa IA, Rizwan M, Akram S, Javed MS, Siyal SH, Saleem M, et al. Journal article Simple and rapid peptide nanoprobe biosensor for the detection of: Legionellaceae (2021) Alhogail S, Chinnappan R, Alrifai M, Suaifan GARY, Bikker FJ, Kaman WE, Weber K, et al. Journal article
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