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Geometrically necessary dislocations and related kinematic hardening in gradient grained materials: A nonlocal crystal plasticity study (2023) Zhang X, Zhao J, Kang G, Zaiser M Journal article A computationally efficient implementation of continuum dislocation dynamics: Formulation and application to ultrafine-grained Mg polycrystals (2023) Luo X, Zaiser M Journal article Pinning of extended dislocations in atomically disordered crystals (2022) Vaid A, Wei D, Bitzek E, Nasiri S, Zaiser M Journal article Evading strength and ductility trade-off in an inverse nacre structured magnesium matrix nanocomposite (2022) Luo X, Zhao K, He X, Bai Y, De Andrade V, Zaiser M, An L, Liu J Journal article Size-dependent yield stress in ultrafine-grained polycrystals: A multiscale discrete dislocation dynamics study (2022) Lu S, Kan Q, Zaiser M, Li Z, Kang G, Zhang X Journal article Size-dependent plasticity of hetero-structured laminates: A constitutive model considering deformation heterogeneities (2021) Zhao J, Zaiser M, Lu X, Zhang B, Huang C, Kang G, Zhang X Journal article The tension-compression behavior of gradient structured materials: A deformation-mechanism-based strain gradient plasticity model (2021) Zhao J, Lu X, Liu J, Bao C, Kang G, Zaiser M, Zhang X Journal article Effect of cold sintering process (CSP) on the electro-chemo-mechanical properties of Gd-doped ceria (GDC) (2020) Kabir A, Espineira-Cachaza M, Fiordaliso EM, Ke D, Grasso S, Merle B, Esposito V Journal article OTFS-NOMA: An Efficient Approach for Exploiting Heterogenous User Mobility Profiles (2019) Ding Z, Schober R, Fan P, Vincent Poor H Journal article Microplasticity and yielding in crystals with heterogeneous dislocation distribution (2019) Zhang X, Xiong J, Fan H, Zaiser M Journal article
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