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Integrating genetic regulation and single-cell expression with GWAS prioritizes causal genes and cell types for glaucoma (2024) Hamel AR, Yan W, Rouhana JM, Monovarfeshani A, Jiang X, Mehta PA, Advani J, et al. Journal article Large-scale multitrait genome-wide association analyses identify hundreds of glaucoma risk loci (2023) Han X, Gharahkhani P, Hamel AR, Ong JS, Rentería ME, Mehta P, Dong X, et al. Journal article Long-term efficacy, safety and neurotolerability of MATRix regimen followed by autologous transplant in primary CNS lymphoma: 7-year results of the IELSG32 randomized trial (2022) Ferreri AJM, Cwynarski K, Pulczynski E, Fox CP, Schorb E, Celico C, Falautano M, et al. Journal article Prenatal dexamethasone treatment for classic 21-hydroxylase deficiency in Europe (2022) Nowotny H, Neumann U, Tardy-Guidollet V, Faisal Ahmed S, Baronio F, Battelino T, Bertherat J, et al. Journal article De novo missense variants in FBXO11 alter its protein expression and subcellular localization (2022) Gregor A, Meerbrei T, Gerstner T, Toutain A, Lynch SA, Stals K, Maxton C, et al. Journal article, Original article SOX11 variants cause a neurodevelopmental disorder with infrequent ocular malformations and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and with distinct DNA methylation profile (2022) Al-Jawahiri R, Foroutan A, Kerkhof J, McConkey H, Levy M, Haghshenas S, Rooney K, et al. Journal article Interobserver agreement of a gastric adenocarcinoma tumor regression grading system that incorporates assessment of lymph nodes (2021) Tsekrekos A, Vieth M, Ndegwa N, Bateman A, Flejou JF, Grabsch H, Mastracci L, et al. Journal article RESULTS OF THE IELSG32 TRIAL AT A MEDIAN FOLLOW-UP OF 88 MONTHS DEMONSTRATE THAT MATRIX FOLLOWED BY AUTOLOGOUS TRANSPLANT IS ASSOCIATED WITH EXCELLENT SURVIVAL AND NEUROTOLERABILITY IN PATIENTS WITH PRIMARY CNS LYMPHOMA (2021) Calimeri T, Cwynarski K, Pulczynski E, Fox CP, Schorb E, Steffanoni S, Foppoli M, et al. Conference contribution Current clinical practice of prenatal dexamethasone treatment in at risk pregnancies for classic 21-hydroxylase deficiency in Europe (2021) Nowotny HF, Neumann U, Tardy-Guidollet V, Ahmed SF, Baronio F, Battelino T, Bertherat J, et al. Conference contribution A Systematic Review on Infliximab Biosimilar SB2: From Pre-Clinical Data to Real-World Evidence (2021) Macaluso FS, Cummings JF, Atreya R, Choi J, Orlando A Journal article, Review article
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