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The role of groundwater in CO2 production and carbon storage in Mediterranean peatlands: An isotope geochemistry approach (2023) Santoni S, Garel E, Gillon M, Babic M, Spangenberg JE, Bomou B, Sebag D, et al. Journal article Xylem formation patterns from Mediterranean to subalpine climate conditions reveal high growth plasticity of pine species on Corsica (2023) Häusser M, Aryal S, Barth J, Bendix J, Garel E, van Geldern R, Huneau F, et al. Journal article An unusual carbon cycle budget of a small stream in a mountain silicate terrain: The case of the Gravona river (Corsica) (2023) Schubert C, Juhlke T, Huneau F, Garel E, Santoni S, Barth J, van Geldern R Journal article Past millennium hydroclimate variability from Corsican pine tree-ring chronologies (2021) Esper J, Hartl C, Konter O, Reinig F, Roemer P, Huneau F, Lebre S, et al. Journal article Fog-low stratus (FLS) regimes on Corsica with wind and PBLH as key drivers (2021) Knerr I, Trachte K, Egli S, Barth J, Bräuning A, Garel E, Häusser M, et al. Journal article The dry and the wet case: Tree growth response in climatologically contrasting years on the island of corsica (2021) Häusser M, Szymczak S, Knerr I, Bendix J, Garel E, Huneau F, Trachte K, et al. Journal article Altitude isotope effects in Mediterranean high-relief terrains: a correction method to utilize stream water data (2021) Hemmerle H, van Geldern R, Juhlke T, Huneau F, Garel E, Santoni S, Barth J Journal article Reduced temperature sensitivity of maximum latewood density formation in high-elevation corsican pines under recent warming (2021) Römer P, Hartl C, Schneider L, Bräuning A, Szymczak S, Huneau F, Lebre S, et al. Journal article Temporal offset between precipitation and water uptake of Mediterranean pine trees varies with elevation and season (2021) Juhlke T, van Geldern R, Barth J, Bendix J, Bräuning A, Garel E, Häusser M, et al. Journal article First indications of seasonal and spatial variations of water sources in pine trees along an elevation gradient in a Mediterranean ecosystem derived from δ18O (2020) Szymczak S, Barth J, Bendix J, Huneau F, Garel E, Häusser M, Juhlke T, et al. Journal article