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A review of a strategic roadmapping exercise to advance clinical translation of photoacoustic imaging: From current barriers to future adoption (2023) Assi H, Cao R, Castelino M, Cox B, Gilbert FJ, Gröhl J, Gurusamy K, et al. Journal article, Review article Gefapixant in the treatment of chronic coughing (2023) Kühlein T, Hasford C, Nitschmann S Journal article Fluid suppression in amide proton transfer-weighted (APTw) CEST imaging: New theoretical insights and clinical benefits (2023) Schüre JR, Casagranda S, Sedykh M, Liebig P, Papageorgakis C, Mancini L, Bisdas S, et al. Journal article Clinical autonomic nervous system laboratories in Europe A joint survey of the European Academy of Neurology and the European Federation of Autonomic Societies (2022) Habek M, Leys F, Skoric MK, Carneiro DR, Calandra-Buonaura G, Camaradou J, Chiaro G, et al. Journal article The European Network of Autonomic Nervous System laboratories: an EAN-EFAS survey (2022) Habek M, Reis Carneiro D, Leys F, Buonaura GC, Camaradou J, Chiaro G, Cortelli P, et al. Conference contribution EAN-EFAS Survey on cardiovascular ANS disturbances following a SARS-CoV2 infection or COVID-19 vaccination (2022) Fanciulli A, Reis Carneiro D, Leys F, Buonaura GC, Camaradou J, Chiaro G, Cortelli P, et al. Conference contribution Impact on follow-up strategies in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis (2022) Bergquist A, Weismueller TJ, Levy C, Rupp C, Joshi D, Nayagam JS, Montano-Loza AJ, et al. Journal article Management of adults and children receiving CAR T-cell therapy: 2021 best practice recommendations of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) and the Joint Accreditation Committee of ISCT and EBMT (JACIE) and the European Haematology Association (EHA) (2022) Hayden PJ, Roddie C, Bader P, Basak GW, Bonig H, Bonini C, Chabannon C, et al. Journal article Surgical data science – from concepts toward clinical translation (2022) Maier-Hein L, Eisenmann M, Sarikaya D, Maerz K, Collins T, Malpani A, Fallert J, et al. Journal article, Review article The 3rd ESTRO-EFOMP core curriculum for medical physics experts in radiotherapy (2022) Garibaldi C, Essers M, Heijmen B, Bertholet J, Koutsouveli E, Schwarz M, Bert C, et al. Journal article
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