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Rising utilization of stable isotopes in tree rings for climate change and forest ecology (2024) Huang R, Xu C, Grießinger J, Feng X, Zhu H, Bräuning A Journal article The subduction-zone fluid: Evidence from (ultra-) high-pressure metamorphic rocks (2024) Gao J, Li J, Ma Z, Klemd R Journal article Zircon Ages of Metasedimentary Rocks in the Wuwamen Ophiolitic Mélange, Chinese South Tianshan: Implications for the Paleozoic Subduction-Accretion in the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt (2022) Wang XS, Yang F, Klemd R, Jiang T, Gao J Journal article Large-scale porphyry-type mineralization in the Central Asian metallogenic domain: A review (2017) Gao J, Klemd R, Zhu M, Wang XS, Li J, Wan B, Xiao W, et al. Journal article The tectonic evolution of the Irtysh tectonic belt: New zircon U–Pb ages of arc-related and collisional granitoids in the Kalaxiangar tectonic belt, NW China (2017) Hong T, Klemd R, Gao J, Xiang P, Xu XW, You J, Wang XS, et al. Journal article A multistratigraphic approach to pinpoint the Permian-Triassic boundary in continental depositsThe Zechstein–Lower Buntsandstein transition in Germany (2017) Scholze F, Wang X, Kirscher U, Kraft J, Schneider JW, Götz AE, Joachimski M, Bachtadse V Journal article, Original article Metallogenesis of the Zhibo and Chagangnuoer volcanic iron oxide deposits in the Awulale Iron Metallogenic Belt, Western Tianshan orogen, China (2015) Zhang X, Klemd R, Gao J, Dong LH, Wang XS, Haase K, Jiang T, Qian Q Journal article Genetically and geochronologically contrasting plagiogranites in South Central Tianshan ophiolitic mélange: Implications for the breakup of Rodinia and subduction zone processes (2015) Jiang T, Gao J, Klemd R, Qian Q, Zhang X, Wang XS, Tan Z, Zhu Z Journal article Geochemistry and geochronology of the Precambrian high-grade metamorphic complex in the Southern Central Tianshan ophiolitic mélange, NW China (2014) Wang XS, Gao J, Klemd R, Jiang T, Li JL, Zhang X, Tan Z, et al. Journal article