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Relevance of different prognostic scores in primary CNS lymphoma in the era of intensified treatment regimens: A retrospective, multicenter analysis of 174 patients (2024) Zeremski V, Adolph L, Beer S, Berisha M, Jacobs B, Kahl C, Koenecke C, et al. Journal article Risk-Adapted Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy in Rectal Cancer: Final Report of the OCUM Study (2023) Ruppert R, Junginger T, Kube R, Strassburg J, Lewin A, Baral J, Maurer CA, et al. Journal article Endoscopic papillectomy for ampullary lesions in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis compared with sporadic lesions: a propensity score-matched cohort (2023) Vu Trung K, Abou-Ali E, Caillol F, Paik WH, Napoleon B, Masaryk V, van der Wiel SE, et al. Journal article Patient’s Desire and Real Availability Concerning Supportive Measures Accompanying Radical Prostatectomy: Differences between Certified Prostate Cancer Centers and Non-Certified Centers Based on Patient-Reported Outcomes within the Cross-Sectional Study Improve (2023) Wolff I, Burchardt M, Peter J, Thomas C, Sikic D, Fiebig C, Promnitz S, et al. Journal article Glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody-associated neurological syndromes: Clinical and antibody characteristics and therapy response (2023) Madlener M, Strippel C, Thaler FS, Doppler K, Wandinger KP, Lewerenz J, Ringelstein M, et al. Journal article Outcomes of rescue procedures in the management of locally recurrent ampullary tumors: A Pancreas 2000/EPC study (2023) Karam E, Hollenbach M, Ali EA, Auriemma F, Gulla A, Heise C, Regner S, et al. Journal article Characteristics and outcome of patients with acute myeloid leukemia and trisomy 4 (2023) Kayser S, Martínez-Cuadrón D, Hanoun M, Stölzel F, Gil C, Reinhardt HC, Aguiar E, et al. Journal article Patient Benefits of Radical Prostatectomy in Certified Prostate Cancer Centers: Comparative Results from the Multicenter IMPROVE Study (2023) Sikic D, Fiebig C, Wullich B, Wolff I, Hoschke B, Manseck A, Gillitzer R, et al. Journal article Patients Regret Their Choice of Therapy Significantly Less Frequently after Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy as Opposed to Open Radical Prostatectomy: Patient-Reported Results of the Multicenter Cross-Sectional IMPROVE Study (2022) Wolff I, Burchardt M, Gilfrich C, Peter J, Baunacke M, Thomas C, Huber J, et al. Journal article Seizure Semiology in Antibody-Associated Autoimmune Encephalitis (2022) Kaaden T, Madlener M, Angstwurm K, Bien CG, Bogarin Y, Doppler K, Finke A, et al. Journal article
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