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Oxide scale microstructure and failure mechanism of alloy 601 under varying metal dusting conditions (2024) Schlereth C, Weiser M, White E, Felfer P, Galetz M Journal article Investigation of the degradation of proton exchange membrane water electrolysis cells using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy with distribution of relaxation times analysis (2024) Sánchez Batalla B, Bachmann J, Weidlich C Journal article Tubular PEM electrolysis cells with a 3D-printed oxygen electrode and ALD catalyst coating (2023) Laube A, Sánchez Batalla B, Weidlich C, Hofer A, Bachmann J, Zallmann S, Körner C, et al. Journal article Degradation studies of proton exchange membrane water electrolysis cells with low platinum group metals – Catalyst coating achieved by atomic layer deposition (2022) Sánchez Batalla B, Laube A, Hofer A, Struckmann T, Bachmann J, Weidlich C Journal article Development of Cr and Al Pack Cementation Coatings on Co-Based gamma/gamma ' Superalloys (2022) Koenig T, Hagen S, Virtanen S, Galetz MC Journal article Tubular membrane electrode assembly for PEM electrolysis (2022) Laube A, Hofer A, Sánchez Batalla B, Ressel S, Chica A, Fischer S, Weidlich C, et al. Journal article Practically applicable water oxidation electrodes from 3D-printed Ti6Al4V scaffolds with surface nanostructuration and iridium catalyst coating (2022) Hofer A, Wachter S, Döhler D, Laube A, Sánchez Batalla B, Fu Z, Weidlich C, et al. Journal article Protective Alumina Scale Growth at 900 °C for a Ni- and Cr-Free Co-Base Model Alloy with γ/γ’-Microstructure: Synergistic Effects by Combining Shot-Peening and Halogenation (2021) Hagen S, Beck K, Kubacka D, Zschau HE, Galetz MC, Spiecker E, Virtanen S Journal article Atomic layer deposition for efficient oxygen evolution reaction at Pt/Ir catalyst layers (2020) Schlicht S, Percin K, Kriescher S, Hofer A, Weidlich C, Wessling M, Bachmann J Journal article Growth Mechanisms of Oxide Scales on Two-phase Co/Ni-base Model Alloys between 800 degrees C and 900 degrees C (2020) Weiser M, Galetz MC, Chater RJ, Virtanen S Journal article