Özyeğin University / Özyeğin Üniversitesi

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Location: Istanbul, Turkey (TR) TR

ISNI: 0000000403916022

ROR: https://ror.org/01jjhfr75

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The role of coping strategies in post-traumatic growth among syrian refugees: A structural equation model (2021) Acar B, Acar İH, Alhiraki OA, Fahham O, Erim Y, Acarturk C Journal article Effect of the Motion Pattern on the Turbulence Generated by an Active Grid (2021) Herbert M, Skeledzic T, Lienhart H, Ertunc Ö Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Interaction between Free-Stream Turbulence and Tip-Vortices of Wind Turbine Blades with and without Winglets (2018) Al-Abadi A, Kim YJ, Ertunc O, Epple P, Delgado A Journal article Rapid Design of Real-Time Image Fusion on FPGA Using HLS and Other Techniques (2018) Aydin F, Ugurdag HF, Leyent VE, Guzel AE, Annafianto NFR, Özkan MA, Akgun T, Erbas C Conference contribution Link Allocation for Multiuser Systems With Hybrid RF/FSO Backhaul: Delay-Limited and Delay-Tolerant Designs (2016) Jamali Kooshkghazi V, Michalopoulos D, Uysal M, Schober R Journal article Mixed RF and Hybrid RF/FSO Relaying (2015) Jamali Kooshkghazi V, Michalopoulos DS, Uysal M, Schober R Conference contribution Outage analysis of q-duplex RF/FSO relaying (2015) Jamali Kooshkghazi V, Michalopoulos D, Uysal M, Schober R Conference contribution Numerical Investigations of Wind Turbines: Performance, Wake and Control Strategies (2015) Al-Abadi AKK, Ertunc O, Kim YJ, Park J, Berger F, Delgado A Conference contribution Verfolgung transitionaler Strömungstrukturen bei kleinen Reynoldszahlen in einer 3200D Rohrmessstrecke (2014) Krauß J, Ertunc O, Lienhart H, Schweiger H, Weber H, Delgado A Conference contribution Hybrid Automatic Optimization of HAWT Blade (2014) Al-Abadi AKK, Kim YJ, Ertunc O, Delgado A Conference contribution