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Comprehensive Raman study of orthorhombic kappa/epsilon-Ga2O3 and the impact of rotational domains (2021) Janzen BM, Mazzolini P, Gillen R, Peltason VFS, Grote LP, Maultzsch J, Fornari R, et al. Journal article Slow and fast single photons from a quantum dot interacting with the excited state hyperfine structure of the Cesium D1-line (2019) Kroh T, Wolters J, Ahlrichs A, Schell AW, Thoma A, Reitzenstein S, Wildmann JS, et al. Journal article Impact of Bi incorporation on the evolution of microstructure during growth of low-temperature GaAs:Bi/Ga(As,Bi) layers (2019) Luna E, Wu M, Aoki T, McCartney MR, Puustinen J, Hilska J, Guina M, et al. Journal article, Original article Mapping the band structure of GeSbTe phase change alloys around the Fermi level (2018) Kellner J, Bihlmayer G, Liebmann M, Otto S, Pauly C, Boschker JE, Bragaglia V, et al. Journal article Direct imaging of delayed magneto-dynamic modes induced by surface acoustic waves (2017) Foerster M, Macia F, Statuto N, Finizio S, Hernandez-Minguez A, Lendinez S, Santos PV, et al. Journal article The role of epitaxial strain on the spontaneous formation of Bi-rich nanostructures in Ga(As,Bi) epilayers and quantum wells (2017) Luna E, Puustinen J, Wu M, Hilska J, Guina M, Trampert A Journal article, Letter Strong delay of quantum dot single photons in cesium vapor (2017) Kroh T, Wolters J, Thoma A, Reitzenstein S, Wildmann JS, Trotta R, Zallo E, et al. Conference contribution Ultrafast Ge-Te bond dynamics in a phase-change superlattice (2016) Malvestuto M, Caretta A, Casarin B, Cilento F, Dell'Angela M, Fausti D, Calarco R, et al. Journal article Spontaneous formation of three-dimensionally ordered Bi-rich nanostructures within GaAs1-xBix/GaAs quantum wells (2016) Luna E, Wu M, Hanke M, Puustinen J, Guina M, Trampert A Journal article, Original article Detecting lateral composition modulation in dilute Ga(As, Bi) epilayers (2015) Wu M, Hanke M, Luna E, Puustinen J, Guina M, Trampert A Journal article
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