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Size-dependent nanoscale soldering of polystyrene colloidal crystals by supercritical fluids (2023) Varghese J, Mohammadi R, Pochylski M, Babacic V, Gapinski J, Vogel N, Butt HJ, et al. Journal article Covalently Functionalized MXenes for Highly Sensitive Humidity Sensors (2023) Janica I, Montes-Garcia V, Urban F, Hashemi P, Nia AS, Feng X, Samori P, Ciesielski A Journal article A Logic Gate Based on a Flexible Metal–Organic Framework (JUK-8) for the Concomitant Detection of Hydrogen and Oxygen (2022) Roztocki K, Bon V, Senkovska I, Matoga D, Kaskel S Journal article Quasicontinuous Cooperative Adsorption Mechanism in Crystalline Nanoporous Materials (2022) Mazur B, Formalik F, Roztocki K, Bon V, Kaskel S, Neimark AV, Firlej L, Kuchta B Journal article Carbon and oxygen isotope fractionation in the Late Devonian heterocoral Oligophylloides: Implications for the skeletogenesis and evolution of the Heterocorallia (2022) Dworczak PG, López Correa M, Jakubowicz M, Munnecke A, Joachimski M, Mazzoli C, Berkowski B Journal article Tuning Adsorption-Induced Responsiveness of a Flexible Metal-Organic Framework JUK-8 by Linker Halogenation (2022) Rortocki K, Formalik F, Bon V, Krawczuk A, Goszczycki P, Kuchta B, Kaskel S, Matoga D Journal article 3D MORPHOLOGY OF POST MORTEM ACROTHORACICAN BORINGS IN FAMENNIAN HETEROCORALS – A MORPHOLOGICAL DIVERSIFICATION OR A CONTINUUM ICHNOSPECIES? (2022) Dworczak PG, Jarochowska E, López Correa M, Berkowski B Journal article Roadmap on Spin-Wave Computing (2022) Chumak AV, Kabos P, Wu M, Abert C, Adelmann C, Adeyeye A, Akerman J, et al. Journal article Early development and coloniality in Oligophylloides from the Devonian of Morocco- Are Heterocorallia Palaeozoic octocorals? (2021) Berkowski B, Zapalski MK, Jarochowska E, Alderslade P Journal article Combining in Situ Techniques (XRD, IR, and 13C NMR) and Gas Adsorption Measurements Reveals CO2-Induced Structural Transitions and High CO2/CH4Selectivity for a Flexible Metal-Organic Framework JUK-8 (2021) Roztocki K, Rauche M, Bon V, Kaskel S, Brunner E, Matoga D Journal article