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Morphological Evidence for the eROSITA Bubbles Being Giant and Distant Structures (2024) Liu T, Merloni A, Sanders J, Ponti G, Strong A, Yeung MC, Locatelli N, et al. Journal article TELAMON: Effelsberg monitoring of AGN jets with very-high-energy astroparticle emission: I. Program description and sample characterization (2024) Eppel F, Kadler M, Hea-Dörfer J, Benke P, Debbrecht L, Eich J, Gokus A, et al. Journal article Broadband maps of eROSITA and their comparison with the ROSAT survey (2024) Zheng X, Ponti G, Freyberg M, Sanders J, Locatelli N, Merloni A, Strong A, et al. Journal article The high energy X-ray probe (HEX-P): instrument and mission profile (2024) Madsen KK, García JA, Stern D, Amini R, Basso S, Coutinho D, Grefenstette BW, et al. Journal article, Review article The high energy X-ray probe (HEX-P): constraining supermassive black hole growth with population spin measurements (2024) Piotrowska JM, García JA, Walton DJ, Beckmann RS, Stern D, Ballantyne DR, Wilkins DR, et al. Journal article Fast as Potoroo: Radio Continuum Detection of a Bow-Shock Pulsar Wind Nebula Powered by Pulsar J1638-4713 (2024) Lazarević S, Filipović MD, Dai S, Kothes R, Ahmad A, Alsaberi RZ, Balzan JC, et al. Journal article The high energy X-ray probe (HEX-P): a new window into neutron star accretion (2023) Ludlam RM, Malacaria C, Sokolova-Lapa E, Fuerst F, Pradhan P, Shaw AW, Pottschmidt K, et al. Journal article Developments and results in the context of the JEM-EUSO program obtained with the ESAF simulation and analysis framework (2023) Abe S, Adams JH, Allard D, Alldredge P, Anchordoqui L, Anzalone A, Arnone E, et al. Journal article EMU Detection of a Large and Low Surface Brightness Galactic SNR G288.8-6.3 (2023) Filipović MD, Dai S, Arbutina B, Hurley-Walker N, Brose R, Becker W, Sano H, et al. Journal article Gammapy: A Python package for gamma-ray astronomy (2023) Donath A, Terrier R, Remy Q, Sinha A, Nigro C, Pintore F, Khélifi B, et al. Journal article