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Strain Sensing, Electromagnetic Shielding, and Antimicrobial Performance of Triple Hierarchic Fabric Coated with Agnws and Polydopamine (2025) Qu M, Luo Z, Chen H, Qin Y, Yang G, Nilsson F, Han L Unpublished / Preprint Alternating mixed-integer programming and neural network training for approximating stochastic two-stage problems (2024) Kronqvist J, Li B, Rolfes J, Zhao S Book chapter / Article in edited volumes The Effect of Wing-Tip Vortices on the Flow Around a NACA0012 Wing (2024) Toosi S, Peplinski A, Schlatter P, Vinuesa R Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Flow in Helical Pipes (2024) Lupi V, Örlü R, Schlatter P Book chapter / Article in edited volumes In-Situ Analysis of Backflow Events and Their Relation to Separation in Wings Through Well-Resolved LES (2024) Mallor F, Liu J, Peplinski A, Vinuesa R, Örlü R, Weinkauf T, Schlatter P Book chapter / Article in edited volumes The flow around a stepped cylinder with turbulent wake and stable shear layer (2023) Massaro D, Peplinski A, Schlatter P Journal article MiniMelt: An instrument for real-time tracking of electron beam additive manufacturing using synchrotron x-ray techniques (2023) König HH, Semjatov N, Spartacus G, Bidola P, Ioannidou C, Ye J, Renner J, et al. Journal article Directionality of developing skeletal muscles is set by mechanical forces (2023) Sunadome K, Erickson AG, Kah DTE, Fabry B, Adori C, Kameneva P, Faure L, et al. Journal article On the potential of transfer entropy in turbulent dynamical systems (2023) Massaro D, Rezaeiravesh S, Schlatter P Journal article On the Alignment of Acoustic and Coupled Mechanic-Acoustic Eigenmodes in Phonation by Supraglottal Duct Variations (2023) Kraxberger F, Näger C, Laudato M, Sundström E, Becker S, Mihaescu M, Kniesburges S, Schoder S Journal article