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The Tidal Disruption Event AT2021ehb: Evidence of Relativistic Disk Reflection, and Rapid Evolution of the Disk-Corona System (2022) Yao Y, Lu W, Guolo M, Pasham DR, Gezari S, Gilfanov M, Gendreau KC, et al. Journal article An ALMA Study of the Massive Molecular Clump N159W-North in the Large Magellanic Cloud: A Possible Gas Flow Penetrating One of the Most Massive Protocluster Systems in the Local Group (2022) Tokuda K, Minami T, Fukui Y, Inoue T, Nishioka T, Tsuge K, Zahorecz S, et al. Journal article Hubble spectroscopy of LB-1: Comparison with B+black-hole and Be+stripped-star models (2021) Lennon DJ, Maíz Apellániz J, Irrgang A, Bohlin R, Deustua S, Dufton PL, Simón-DÍaz S, et al. Journal article TESS first look at evolved compact pulsators Known ZZ Ceti stars of the southern ecliptic hemisphere as seen by TESS (2020) Bognar Z, Kawaler SD, Bell KJ, Schrandt C, Baran AS, Bradley PA, Hermes JJ, et al. Journal article Deep Chandra Survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud. III. Formation Efficiency of High-mass X-Ray Binaries (2019) Antoniou V, Zezas A, Drake JJ, Badenes C, Haberl F, Wright NJ, Hong J, et al. Journal article TESS first look at evolved compact pulsators Discovery and asteroseismic probing of the g-mode hot B subdwarf pulsator EC 21494-7018 (2019) Heber U, Charpinet S, Brassard P, Fontaine G, Van Grootel V, Zong W, Giammichele N, et al. Journal article SXP 214: AN X-RAY PULSAR IN THE SMALL MAGELLANIC CLOUD, CROSSING THE CIRCUMSTELLAR DISK OF THE COMPANION (2016) Hong J, Antoniou V, Zezas A, Haberl F, Drake JJ, Plucinsky PP, Gaetz T, et al. Journal article Wide-band, low-frequency pulse profiles of 100 radio pulsars with LOFAR (2016) Pilia M, Hessels JW, Stappers BW, Kondratiev VI, Kramer M, Van Leeuwen J, Weltevrede P, et al. Journal article LOFAR discovery of a quiet emission mode in PSR B0823+26 (2015) Sobey C, Young NJ, Hessels JWT, Weltevrede P, Noutsos A, Stappers BW, Kramer M, et al. Journal article Probing Atmospheric Electric Fields in Thunderstorms through Radio Emission from Cosmic-Ray-Induced Air Showers (2015) Schellart P, Trinh TNG, Buitink S, Corstanje A, Enriquez JE, Falcke H, Horandel JR, et al. Journal article
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