Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) / Българска академия на науките

Scientific academy / society / association

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria (BG) BG

ISNI: 0000000120973094

ROR: https://ror.org/01x8hew03

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Neurotensin(8–13) analogs as dual NTS1 and NTS2 receptor ligands with enhanced effects on a mouse model of Parkinson's disease (2023) Kühl T, Georgieva MG, Hübner H, Lazarova M, Vogel M, Haas B, Peeva MI, et al. Journal article The Future of Gas (2023) Richel A, Vladikova D, Peneva TM, Duic N, Kalogirou S, Papanicolas CN, Hamburg A, et al. Other publication type Structural and luminescence behavior of Eu3+ ions in ZnO-B2O3-WO3 glasses (2023) Milanova M, Aleksandrov L, Yordanova A, Iordanova R, Tagiara NS, Herrmann A, Gao G, et al. Journal article Detection and Analysis of Critical Dynamic Properties of Oligodendrocyte Differentiation (2022) Nikolov SG, Wolkenhauer O, Nenov M, Vera González J Journal article Single-Step Process for Titanium Surface Micro-and Nano-Structuring and In Situ Silver Nanoparticles Formation by Ultra-Short Laser Patterning (2022) Aceti DM, Filipov E, Angelova L, Sotelo L, Fontanot T, Yousefi P, Christiansen S, et al. Journal article Mathematical modelling in biomedicine: A primer for the curious and the skeptic (2021) Vera J, Lischer C, Nenov M, Nikolov S, Lai X, Eberhardt M Journal article, Review article Dynamics of bound states of dihydrogen at Cu(I) and Cu(II) species coordinated near one and two zeolite framework aluminium atoms: A combined sorption, INS, IR and DFT study (2021) Georgiev PA, Drenchev N, Hadjiivanov KI, Ollivier J, Unruh T, Albinati A Journal article Hierarchical Levels of Biological Systems and their Integration as a Principal Cause for Tumour Occurrence (2019) Nikolov S, Dimitrov A, Vera J Journal article DAMASK – The Düsseldorf Advanced Material Simulation Kit for modeling multi-physics crystal plasticity, thermal, and damage phenomena from the single crystal up to the component scale (2019) Roters F, Diehl M, Shanthraj P, Eisenlohr P, Reuber C, Wong SL, Maiti T, et al. Journal article From Calcium to Cadmium: Testing the Pairing Functional through Charge Radii Measurements of Cd 100-130 (2018) Hammen M, Noertershaeuser W, Balabanski DL, Bissell ML, Blaum K, Budincevic I, Cheal B, et al. Journal article
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