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Location: Prag (Prague), Czech Republic (CZ) CZ

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Ferruginous coated grains of microbial origin from the Lower Devonian (Pragian) of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic) – Petrological and geochemical perspective (2022) Vodrážková S, Kumpan T, Vodrážka R, Frýda J, Čopjaková R, Koubová M, Munnecke A, et al. Journal article Trilobites as Hosts for Parasites: From Paleopathologies to Etiologies (2021) de Baets K, Budil P, Fatka O, Geyer G Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Paleotemperature record of the Middle Devonian Kačák Episode (2021) Suttner TJ, Kido E, Joachimski M, Vodrážková S, Pondrelli M, Corradini C, Corriga M, et al. Journal article, Original article The Mid-Ludfordian (late Silurian) Glaciation: a link with global changes in ocean chemistry and ecosystem overturns (2021) Frýda J, Lehnert O, Joachimski M, Männik P, Kubajko M, Mergl M, Farkaš J, Frýdová B Journal article Carbon and sulfur cycling during the mid-Ludfordian anomaly and the linkage with the late Silurian Lau/Kozlowskii Bioevent (2021) Frýda J, Lehnert O, Frýdová B, Farkaš J, Kubajko M Journal article Microbially induced wrinkle structures in Middle Devonian siliciclastics from the Prague Basin, Czech Republic (2018) Vodrážková S, Vodrážka R, Munnecke A, Franců J, Al‐Bassam K, Halodová P, Tonarová P Journal article, Online publication Acid rain footprint three decades after peak deposition: Long-term recovery from pollutant sulphate in the Uhlirska catchment (Czech Republic) (2017) Marx A, Hintze S, Sanda M, Jankovec J, Oulehle F, Dusek J, Vitvar T, et al. Journal article, Original article An acid-free method of microfossil extraction from clay-rich lithologies using the surfactant Rewoquat (2013) Jarochowska E, Tonarová P, Munnecke A, Ferrová L, Sklenář J, Vodráková S Journal article, Original article The Paleozoic evolution of the gastropod larval shell: larval armor and tight coiling as results of predation-driven heterochronic character displacement (2012) Seuß B, Nützel A, Scholz H, Frýda J Journal article "Calcispheres" as a source of lime mud and peloids evidence from the early Middle Devonian of the Prague Basin, the Czech Republic (2010) Berkyová S, Munnecke A Journal article, Original article