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One-pot Synthesis of a Visible-light Responsive Carbon Nitride/TiO2 Heterointerface Material for Photoelectrocatalytic Applications (2024) Silva IF, Pulignani C, Odutola J, Galushchinskiy A, Texeira IF, Isaacs M, Mesa CA, et al. Unpublished / Preprint Elucidating the Complex Oxidation Behavior of Aqueous H3PO3 on Pt Electrodes via In Situ Tender X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Structure Spectroscopy at the P K-Edge (2024) Wibowo RE, Garcia-Diez R, Bystron T, van der Merwe M, Prokop M, Arce MD, Efimenko A, et al. Journal article Monolithic Two-Terminal Tandem Solar Cells Using Sb2S3 and Solution-Processed PbS Quantum Dots Achieving an Open-Circuit Potential beyond 1.1 V (2024) Kern S, Yi G, Büttner P, Scheler F, Tran MH, Korenko S, Dehm K, et al. Journal article, Original article Unveiling the Potential of Ambient Air Annealing for Highly Efficient Inorganic CsPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells (2024) Iqbal Z, Félix R, Musiienko A, Thiesbrummel J, Köbler H, Gutierrez-Partida E, Gries TW, et al. Journal article Solid Electrolyte Interphase Formation on Anatase TiO2 Nanoparticle-Based Electrodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries (2024) Siebert A, Dou X, Garcia-Diez R, Buchholz D, Félix R, Handick E, Wilks RG, et al. Journal article The Energy Level Alignment at the Buffer/Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin-Film Solar Cell Interface for CdS and GaOx (2024) Valenta D, Yetkin HA, Kodalle T, Bombsch J, Garcia-Diez R, Hartmann C, Ueda S, et al. Journal article Ion-induced field screening as a dominant factor in perovskite solar cell operational stability (2024) Thiesbrummel J, Shah S, Gutierrez-Partida E, Zu F, Peña-Camargo F, Zeiske S, Diekmann J, et al. Journal article Author Correction: Isolated Rh atoms in dehydrogenation catalysis (Scientific Reports, (2023), 13, 1, (4458), 10.1038/s41598-023-31157-y) (2023) Wittkämper H, Hock R, Weißer M, Dallmann J, Vogel C, Raman N, Taccardi N, et al. Journal article, Erratum Oxidation of Aqueous Phosphorous Acid Electrolyte in Contact with Pt Studied by X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy (2023) Wibowo RE, Garcia-Diez R, Bystron T, Prokop M, van der Merwe M, Arce MD, Jiménez CE, et al. Journal article Core-Level Spectroscopy with Hard and Soft X‑rays on Phosphorus-Containing Compounds for Energy Conversion and Storage (2023) Wibowo RE, Garcia-Diez R, van der Merwe M, Duarte-Ruiz D, Ha Y, Félix R, Efimenko A, et al. Journal article