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Location: Aveiro, Portugal (PT) PT

ISNI: 0000000123236065


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Duality theory for enriched Priestley spaces (2023) Hofmann D, Nora P Journal article An overview of food lipids toward food lipidomics (2023) Tietel Z, Hammann S, Meckelmann SW, Ziv C, Pauling JK, Wölk M, Würf V, et al. Journal article, Review article Unique multiphthalocyanine coordination systems: vibrationally hot excited states and charge transfer states that power high energy triplet charge separated states (2022) Joseph J, Lourenco LMO, Tome JPC, Torres T, Guldi DM Journal article Intense atmospheric rivers can weaken ice shelf stability at the Antarctic Peninsula (2022) Wille JD, Favier V, Jourdain NC, Kittel C, Turton J, Agosta C, Gorodetskaya I, et al. Journal article Occupational exposure to metals and PAHs: combining literature-based exposure and in vitro hazard data towards a mixture risk assessment (2021) Tavares AM, Alves I, Moreira R, Louro H, Ladeira C, Viegas S, Loureiro S, et al. Conference contribution Fabrication of Quasi-2D Shape-Tailored Microparticles using Wettability Contrast-Based Platforms (2021) Neto MD, Stoppa A, Neto MA, Oliveira FJ, Gomes MC, Boccaccini AR, Levkin PA, et al. Journal article Cellular Response to Sol-Gel Hybrid Materials Releasing Boron and Calcium Ions (2021) Coelho SAR, Almeida JC, Ünalan I, Detsch R, Miranda Salvado IM, Boccaccini AR, Fernandes MHV Journal article Autonomous Robots and CoBots (2020) Moreno-Mateos MA, Carou D, Davim JP Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Enhanced photocatalytic activity of au/TiO2 nanoparticles against ciprofloxacin (2020) Martins P, Kappert S, Le HN, Sebastian V, Kuehn K, Alves M, Pereira L, et al. Journal article Singlet Fission in Pyrene-Fused Azaacene Dimers (2019) Mora-Fuentes JP, Papadopoulos I, Thiel D, Alvarez-Boto R, Cortizo-Lacalle D, Clark T, Melle-Franco M, et al. Journal article
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