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No (Cambrian) explosion and no (Ordovician) event: A single long-term radiation in the early Palaeozoic (2023) Servais T, Cascales-Miñana B, Harper DA, Lefebvre B, Munnecke A, Wang W, Zhang Y Journal article BioDeepTime: A database of biodiversity time series for modern and fossil assemblages (2023) Smith J, Rillo MC, Kocsis Á, Dornelas M, Fastovich D, Huang HHM, Jonkers L, et al. Journal article Carbon and conodont apatite oxygen isotope records from the Alengchu section in western Yunnan and their paleoclimatic and paleogeographic implications (2023) Chen B, Zhang MQ, Qie WK, Liang K, Lu JF, Joachimski M, Ma XP Journal article The record of early Silurian climate changes from South China and Baltica based on integrated conodont biostratigraphy and isotope chemostratigraphy (2022) Yan G, Lehnert O, Männik P, Calner M, Luan X, Gong F, Li L, et al. Journal article First record of the Middle Darriwilian δ13C excursion (MDICE) in southern Xizang (Tibet), China, and its implications (2021) Yu S, Fang X, Zhang Y, Zhen YY, Li W, Li Y, Munnecke A Journal article Was climatic cooling during the earliest Carboniferous driven by expansion of seed plants? (2021) Chen B, Chen J, Qie W, Huang P, He T, Joachimski M, Regelous M, et al. Journal article Bryozoans from the lower Silurian (Telychian) Hanchiatien Formation from southern Chongqing, South China (2021) Ernst A, Li QJ, Zhang M, Munnecke A Journal article Middle to Late Ordovician carbon isotope chemostratigraphy of the Lower Yangtze Platform: Implications for global correlation (2021) Gong F, Joachimski M, Yan G, Li L, Wei X, Wu R Journal article Devonian paleoclimate and its drivers: A reassessment based on a new conodont δ18O record from South China (2021) Chen B, Ma X, Mills BJ, Qie W, Joachimski M, Shen S, Wang C, et al. Journal article, Original article First documentation of Middle Ordovician warm-water carbonates in the Mount Jolmo Lungma (Mount Everest) area, southern Xizang (Tibet), China, and its paleogeographic implications (2019) Yu S, Fang X, Munnecke A, Li W, Zhen Y, Li Y, Wang Z, Zhang Y Journal article, Original article
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