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Optical Coherence Tomographic Optic Nerve Head Morphology in Myopia III: The Exposed Neural Canal Region in Healthy Eyes—Implications for High Myopia (2024) Hong S, Yang H, Gardiner SK, Luo H, Sharpe GP, Caprioli J, Demirel S, et al. Journal article Asymmetry of Peripapillary Retinal Blood Vessel and Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness Between Healthy Right and Left Eyes (2023) Quach J, Sharpe GP, Demirel S, Girkin CA, Mardin CY, Scheuerle AF, Burgoyne CF, et al. Journal article Effects of oral semaglutide on cardiovascular outcomes in individuals with type 2 diabetes and established atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and/or chronic kidney disease: Design and baseline characteristics of SOUL, a randomized trial (2023) McGuire DK, Busui RP, Deanfield J, Inzucchi SE, Mann JF, Marx N, Mulvagh SL, et al. Journal article Hotspots of cenozoic tropical marine biodiversity (2022) Yasuhara M, Huang HHM, Reuter M, Tian SY, Cybulski JD, O'Dea A, Mamo BL, et al. Authored book DFT exchange: sharing perspectives on the workhorse of quantum chemistry and materials science (2022) Teale AM, Helgaker T, Savin A, Adamo C, Aradi B, Arbuznikov A, Ayers PW, et al. Journal article Bi-allelic variants in CHKA cause a neurodevelopmental disorder with epilepsy and microcephaly (2022) Kloeckner C, Murray JPF, Tavasoli M, Sticht H, Stoltenburg-Didinger G, Scholle LM, Bakhtiari S, et al. Journal article A Delphi study and International Consensus Recommendations: The use of bolus in the setting of postmastectomy radiation therapy for early breast cancer (2021) Kaidar-Person O, Dahn HM, Nichol AM, Boersma LJ, de Ruysscher D, Meattini I, Pignol JP, et al. Journal article INTERNATIONAL EXPERT DELPHI CONSENSUS GUIDELINES FOR THE USE OF BOLUS IN POST MASTECTOMY RADIATION THERAPY (2021) Dahn H, Boersma L, De Ruysscher D, Meattini I, Offersen B, Pignol JP, Aristei C, et al. Conference contribution THE USE OF BOLUS IN POSTMASTECTOMY RADIATION THERAPY FOR BREAST CANCER: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW (2021) Dahn H, Boersma L, De Ruysscher D, Meattini I, Offersen B, Pignol JP, Belkacemi Y, et al. Journal article The use of bolus in postmastectomy radiation therapy for breast cancer: A systematic review (2021) Dahn HM, Boersma LJ, de Ruysscher D, Meattini I, Offersen BV, Pignol JP, Aristei C, et al. Journal article, Review article