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The formation of a giant post-collision porphyry copper system: A case study of the Jiama deposit, Tibet (2024) Sun M, Tang JX, Klemd R, Lin B, Tang P, Zhang Zb, Chen W, et al. Journal article Mineralogy and elemental geochemistry of pyrite coal-balls, Datong Coalfield, Shanxi Province, China: Implications for differentiation mechanism (2023) Hao H, Huang W, Hao R, Mu N, Wen L, Yu C Journal article A review of natural hydrofractures in rocks (2022) Bons PD, Cao D, De Riese T, Gonzalez-Esvertit E, Köhn D, Naaman I, Sachau T, et al. Journal article, Review article Collapse of Late Permian chert factories in the equatorial Tethys and the nature of the Early Triassic chert gap (2022) Yang F, Sun YD, Frings PJ, Luo L, E JW, Wang LN, Huang YF, et al. Journal article Physicochemical constraints on indium-, tin-, germanium-, gallium-, gold-, and tellurium-bearing mineralizations in the Pefka and St Philippos polymetallic vein- and breccia-type deposits, Greece (2021) Voudouris P, Repstock A, Spry PG, Frenzel M, Mavrogonatos C, Keith M, Tarantola A, et al. Journal article, Original article The tectonic evolution of the Irtysh tectonic belt: New zircon U–Pb ages of arc-related and collisional granitoids in the Kalaxiangar tectonic belt, NW China (2017) Hong T, Klemd R, Gao J, Xiang P, Xu XW, You J, Wang XS, et al. Journal article Origin and geodynamic significance of the early Mesozoic Weiya LP and HT granulites from the Chinese Eastern Tianshan (2015) Mao LJ, He Z, Zhang Z, Klemd R, Xiang H, Tian Z, Zong K Journal article Cimmerian terranes: Preface (2015) Zanchi A, Fürsich F, Santosh M Journal article Late Pleistocene to Holocene palaeoenvironmental changes documented by microfaunas and shell stable isotopes in the southern Pearl River delta plain, South China (2013) Liu Cl, Fürsich F, Wu J, Dong Yx, Yang T, Yin J Journal article Dispersal events of Triassic-Jurassic boundary faunas, and palaeoenvironment of Tibetan Himalaya (2009) Yin J, Fürsich F Journal article