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The 2022 Outburst of IGR J17091-3624: Connecting the Exotic GRS 1915+105 to Standard Black Hole X-Ray Binaries (2024) Wang J, Kara E, García JA, Altamirano D, Belloni T, Steiner JF, van der Klis M, et al. Journal article Measuring black hole spins through X-ray reflection spectroscopy and the relativistic precession model: the case of XTE J1859+226 (2024) Mall G, Liu H, Bambi C, Steiner JF, García JA Journal article OGLE-BLAP-009 – a case study for the properties and evolution of blue large-amplitude pulsators (2024) Bradshaw CW, Dorsch M, Kupfer T, Barlow BN, Heber U, Bauer EB, Bildsten L, van Roestel J Journal article Gammapy: A Python package for gamma-ray astronomy (2023) Donath A, Terrier R, Remy Q, Sinha A, Nigro C, Pintore F, Khélifi B, et al. Journal article Effects of multiphase gas and projection on X-ray observables in simulated galaxy clusters as seen by eROSITA (2023) Zuhone J, Bahar YE, Biffi V, Dolag K, Sanders J, Bulbul E, Liu T, et al. Journal article High-density Reflection Spectroscopy of Black Hole X-Ray Binaries in the Hard State (2023) Liu H, Jiang J, Zhang Z, Bambi C, Fabian AC, García JA, Ingram A, et al. Journal article Discovery of the luminous X-ray ignition eRASSt J234402.9-352640: I. Tidal disruption event or a rapid increase in accretion in an active galactic nucleus? (2023) Homan D, Krumpe M, Markowitz A, Saha T, Gokus A, Partington E, Lamer G, et al. Journal article Overview of the Advanced X-ray Imaging Satellite (AXIS) (2023) Reynolds CS, Kara EA, Mushotzky RF, Ptak A, Koss MJ, Williams BJ, Allen SW, et al. Conference contribution Polarized x-rays constrain the disk-jet geometry in the black hole x-ray binary Cygnus X-1 (2022) Krawczynski H, Muleri F, Dovčiak M, Veledina A, Rodriguez Cavero N, Svoboda J, Ingram A, et al. Journal article Galactic Cosmic Ray increase associated with an interplanetary magnetic cloud observed by HAWC (2022) Lara A, Arunbabu KP, Niembro T, Abeysekara AU, Albert A, Alfaro R, Alvarez C, et al. Conference contribution
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