Beihang University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA) / 北京航空航天大学

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Location: Beijing, China (CN) CN

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Magnon scattering modulated by omnidirectional hopfion motion in antiferromagnets for meta-learning (2023) Zhang Z, Lin K, Zhang Y, Bournel A, Xia K, Klaeui M, Zhao W Journal article Ruthenium-Alloyed Iron Phosphide Single Crystal with Increased Fermi Level for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution (2022) Kang Y, Han Y, Chen H, Borrmann H, Adler P, Pohl D, Hantusch M, et al. Journal article A Survey on Millimeter-Wave Beamforming Enabled UAV Communications and Networking (2022) Xiao Z, Zhu L, Liu Y, Yi P, Zhang R, Xia XG, Schober R Journal article Large Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and room-temperature nanoscale skyrmions in CoFeB/MgO heterostructures (2021) Chen R, Wang X, Cheng H, Lee KJ, Xiong D, Kim JY, Li S, et al. Journal article Sub-50 nm wavelength spin waves excited by low-damping Co25Fe75nanowires (2021) Wang H, Flacke L, Wei W, Liu S, Jia H, Chen J, Sheng L, et al. Journal article Ultra-high strength Co–Ta–B bulk metallic glasses: Glass formation, thermal stability and crystallization (2021) Wang J, Kaban I, Levytskyi V, Li R, Han J, Stoica M, Gumeniuk R, Nielsch K Journal article Strong Reduced Graphene Oxide Coated Bombyx mori Silk (2021) Cao C, Lin Z, Liu X, Jia Y, Saiz E, Wolf S, Wagner HD, et al. Journal article A global benchmark of algorithms for segmenting the left atrium from late gadolinium-enhanced cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (2021) Xiong Z, Xia Q, Hu Z, Huang N, Bian C, Zheng Y, Vesal S, et al. Journal article Strong, conductive aramid fiber functionalized by graphene (2021) Cao C, Peng J, Liang X, Saiz E, Wolf S, Wagner HD, Jiang L, Cheng Q Journal article Unraveling the influence of non-fullerene acceptor molecular packing on photovoltaic performance of organic solar cells (2020) Ye L, Weng K, Xu J, Du X, Chandrabose S, Chen K, Zhou J, et al. Journal article
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