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A pipeline for the fully automated estimation of continuous reference intervals using real-world data (2023) Ammer T, Schützenmeister A, Prokosch HU, Rauh M, Rank CM, Zierk J Journal article An isotope dilution-liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (ID-LC-MS/MS)-based candidate reference measurement procedure (RMP) for the quantification of aldosterone in human serum and plasma (2023) Taibon J, Santner T, Singh N, Ibrahim SC, Babitzki G, Koeppl D, Gaudl A, et al. Journal article Estimation of Reference Intervals from Routine Data Using the refineR Algorithm-A Practical Guide (2023) Ammer T, Schützenmeister A, Rank CM, Doyle K Journal article Multicenter evaluation of blood-based biomarkers for the detection of endometriosis and adenomyosis: A prospective non-interventional study (2023) Burghaus S, Drazic P, Wölfler M, Mechsner S, Zeppernick M, Meinhold-Heerlein I, Mueller MD, et al. Journal article B-Cos Aligned Transformers Learn Human-Interpretable Features (2023) Tran M, Lahiani A, Dicente Cid Y, Boxberg M, Lienemann P, Matek C, Wagner SJ, et al. Conference contribution RIbench: A Proposed Benchmark for the Standardized Evaluation of Indirect Methods for Reference Interval Estimation (2022) Ammer T, Schuetzenmeister A, Prokosch HU, Zierk J, Rank CM, Rauh M Journal article How to approach clinically discordant FT4 results when changing testing platforms: real-world evidence (2022) Giovanella L, Duntas L, D'Aurizio F, Kurka H, Ammer T, Rank CM, Visser WE, Van Den Berg SAA Journal article Enhancing refiner - Improving performance of reference interval estimation for skewed distributions (2022) Ammer T, Schutzenmeister A, Prokosch HU, Rauh M, Zierk J, Rank CM Conference contribution refineR: A Novel Algorithm for Reference Interval Estimation from Real-World Data (2021) Ammer T, Schuetzenmeister A, Prokosch HU, Rauh M, Rank CM, Zierk J Journal article In Search of the SARS-CoV-2 Protection Correlate: Head-to-Head Comparison of Two Quantitative S1 Assays in Pre-characterized Oligo-/Asymptomatic Patients (2021) Rubio-Acero R, Castelletti N, Fingerle V, Olbrich L, Bakuli A, Woelfel R, Girl P, et al. Journal article
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