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Quantitative risk assessment of skin sensitising pesticides: Clinical and toxicological considerations (2023) Sanvido O, Basketter DA, Berthet A, Bloch D, Ezendam J, Hopf NB, Kleinstreuer N, et al. Journal article Immunomodulation with romiplostim as a second-line strategy in primary immune thrombocytopenia: The iROM study (2023) Schifferli A, Rüfer A, Rovo A, Nimmerjahn F, Cantoni N, Holbro A, Favre G, et al. Journal article ICDAR 2023 Competition on Detection and Recognition of Greek Letters on Papyri (2023) Seuret M, Marthot-Santaniello I, White SA, Serbaeva Saraogi O, Agolli S, Carrière G, Rodriguez Salas D, Christlein V Conference contribution, Original article Special issue: Minimal-invasive robotics (2023) Rauter G, Mathis-Ullrich F Journal article AGIHO guideline on evidence-based management of COVID-19 in cancer patients: 2022 update on vaccination, pharmacological prophylaXis and therapy in light of the omicron variants (2023) Giesen N, Busch E, Schalk E, Beutel G, Ruethrich MM, Hentrich M, Hertenstein B, et al. Journal article The chemicals between us—First results of the cluster analyses on anatomy embalming procedures in the German-speaking countries (2023) Kerner AM, Biedermann U, Bräuer L, Caspers S, Doll S, Engelhardt M, Filler TJ, et al. Journal article Prospective clinical cohort study: low incidence of Barrett esophagus but high rate of reflux disease at 5-year follow-up after sleeve gastrectomy versus Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (2023) Wölnerhanssen BK, Meyer-Gerspach AC, Nussbaumer R, Sauter M, Thumshirn M, Bueter M, Vetter D, et al. Journal article Robust Model-based Face Reconstruction through Weakly-Supervised Outlier Segmentation (2023) Li C, Morel-Forster A, Vetter T, Egger B, Kortylewski A Conference contribution Gesture retrieval and its application to the study of multimodal communication (2023) Parian-Scherb M, Uhrig P, Rossetto L, Dupont S, Schuldt H Journal article No evidence of microplastic ingestion in emperor penguin chicks (Aptenodytes forsteri) from the Atka Bay colony (Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica) (2022) Leistenschneider C, Le Bohec C, Eisen O, Houstin A, Neff S, Primpke S, Paranhos Zitterbart D, et al. Journal article