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Source variations in volatile contents of Bransfield Strait back-arc and Phoenix/West Scotia mid-ocean ridge lavas, northern Antarctic Peninsula (2024) Anderson DW, Saal AE, Mallick S, Wang J, Riley TR, Keller RA, Haase K Journal article Tracing mantle components and the effect of subduction processes beneath the northern Antarctic Peninsula (2023) Anderson DW, Saal AE, Lee JI, Mallick S, Riley TR, Keller RA, Haase K Journal article What determines accuracy of chemical identification when using microspectroscopy for the analysis of microplastics? (2023) De Frond H, Cowger W, Renick V, Brander S, Primpke S, Sukumaran S, Elkhatib D, et al. Journal article Quantitative assessment of visual microscopy as a tool for microplastic research: Recommendations for improving methods and reporting (2022) Kotar S, Mcneish R, Murphy-Hagan C, Renick V, Lee CFT, Steele C, Lusher A, et al. Journal article Neighborhood Greenspace and Socioeconomic Risk are Associated with Diabetes Risk at the Sub-neighborhood Scale: Results from the Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiology (PURE) Study (2022) Walker B, Brinkmann S, Große T, Kremer D, Schuurman N, Hystad P, Rangarajan S, et al. Journal article, Original article Tandem Pauson-Khand Reaction Using Carbon Dioxide as the C1-Source (2022) Shyshkanov S, Vasilyev D, Abhyankar KA, Stylianou KC, Dyson PJ Journal article Thermochemical anomalies in the upper mantle control Gakkel Ridge accretion (2021) O'Connor J, Jokat W, Michael PJ, Schmidt-Aursch MC, Miggins DP, Koppers AAP Journal article A polyyne toxin produced by an antagonistic bacterium blinds and lyses a Chlamydomonad alga (2021) Hotter V, Zopf D, Kim HJ, Silge A, Schmitt M, Aiyar P, Fleck J, et al. Journal article Corrigendum to: More Than Smell-COVID-19 Is Associated With Severe Impairment of Smell, Taste, and Chemesthesis. (2021) Parma V, Ohla K, Veldhuizen MG, Niv MY, Kelly CE, Bakke AJ, Cooper KW, et al. Journal article, Erratum Recent smell loss is the best predictor of COVID-19 among individuals with recent respiratory symptoms (2021) Gerkin RC, Ohla K, Veldhuizen MG, Joseph PV, Kelly CE, Bakke AJ, Steele KE, et al. Journal article
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