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State of the Art in Dense Monocular Non-Rigid 3D Reconstruction (2023) Tretschk E, Kairanda N, Mallikarjun BR, Dabral R, Kortylewski A, Egger B, Habermann M, et al. Journal article A Deeper Analysis of Volumetric Relightiable Faces (2023) Rao P, Mallikarjun BR, Fox G, Weyrich T, Bickel B, Pfister H, Matusik W, et al. Journal article A Scalable Combinatorial Solver for Elastic Geometrically Consistent 3D Shape Matching (2022) Roetzer P, Swoboda P, Cremers D, Bernard F Conference contribution Interplay of periodic dynamics and noise: Insights from a simple adaptive system (2021) Folz F, Mehlhorn K, Morigi G Journal article The AIMe registry for artificial intelligence in biomedical research (2021) Matschinske J, Benis A, Alcaraz N, Golebiewski M, Grimm DG, Heumos L, Kacprowski T, et al. Journal article PhotoApp: Photorealistic appearance editing of head portraits (2021) Mallikarjun BR, Tewari A, Dib A, Weyrich T, Bickel B, Seidel HP, Pfister H, et al. Journal article Neural Acceleration of Scattering-Aware Color 3D Printing (2021) Rittig T, Sumin D, Babaei V, Didyk P, Voloboy A, Wilkie A, Bickel B, et al. Journal article Robust and practical measurement of volume transport parameters in solid photo-polymer materials for 3D printing (2021) Elek O, Zhang R, Sumin D, Myszkowski K, Bickel B, Wilkie A, Krivanek J, Weyrich T Journal article I3DMM: Deep implicit 3D morphable model of human heads (2021) Yenamandra T, Tewari A, Bernard F, Seidel HP, Elgharib M, Cremers D, Theobalt C Conference contribution Monocular Reconstruction of Neural Face Reflectance Fields (2021) Mallikarjun BR, Tewari A, Oh TH, Weyrich T, Bickel B, Seidel HP, Pfister H, et al. Conference contribution
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