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Pirin is a prognostic marker of human melanoma that dampens the proliferation of malignant cells by downregulating JARID1B/KDM5B expression (2023) Penas C, Arroyo-Berdugo Y, Apraiz A, Rasero J, Muñoa-Hoyos I, Andollo N, Cancho-Galán G, et al. Journal article ETOPOSIDE FOR PRIMARY HLH - BETTER THAN ITS REPUTATION (2023) Lehmberg K, Ledig S, Wustrau K, Kontny U, Westphal S, Hundsdoerfer P, Jorch N, et al. Conference contribution Direct Optical Probe of Magnon Topology in Two-Dimensional Quantum Magnets (2023) Bostroem EV, Parvini TS, Mciver JW, Rubio A, Kusminskiy SV, Sentef MA Journal article Activity Trends for the Selective Oxidation of 2-Propanol to Acetone on Noble Metal Electrodes in Alkaline Electrolyte (2023) Mangoufis-Giasin I, Fusek L, Yang T, Khanipour P, Brummel O, Libuda J, Mayrhofer KJ, et al. Journal article Switchable chiral transport in charge-ordered kagome metal CsV3Sb5 (2022) Guo C, Putzke C, Konyzheva S, Huang X, Gutierrez-Amigo M, Errea I, Chen D, et al. Journal article Three-dimensional Fermi surfaces from charge order in layered CsV3 Sb5 (2022) Huang X, Guo C, Putzke C, Gutierrez-Amigo M, Sun Y, Vergniory MG, Errea I, et al. Journal article All topological bands of all nonmagnetic stoichiometric materials (2022) Vergniory MG, Wieder BJ, Elcoro L, Parkin SSP, Felser C, Bernevig BA, Regnault N Journal article A Chirality-Based Quantum Leap (2022) Aiello CD, Abendroth JM, Abbas M, Afanasev A, Agarwal S, Banerjee AS, Beratan DN, et al. Journal article, Review article Catalogue of flat-band stoichiometric materials (2022) Regnault N, Xu Y, Li MR, Ma DS, Jovanovic M, Yazdani A, Parkin SSP, et al. Journal article Depositing Molecular Graphene Nanoribbons on Ag(111) by Electrospray Controlled Ion Beam Deposition: Self-Assembly and On-Surface Transformations (2022) Ran W, Walz A, Stoiber K, Knecht P, Xu H, Papageorgiou AC, Huettig A, et al. Journal article