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Location: Belgrade, Serbia (RS) RS

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ATCA study of Small Magellanic Cloud supernova remnant 1E 0102.2–7219 (2024) Alsaberi RZ, Filipović MD, Dai S, Sano H, Kothes R, Payne JL, Bozzetto LM, et al. Journal article EMU Detection of a Large and Low Surface Brightness Galactic SNR G288.8-6.3 (2023) Filipović MD, Dai S, Arbutina B, Hurley-Walker N, Brose R, Becker W, Sano H, et al. Journal article Cutaneous Manifestations, Clinical Characteristics, and Prognosis of Patients with Systemic Sclerosis Sine Scleroderma: Data from the International EUSTAR Database (2023) Lescoat A, Huang S, Carreira PE, Siegert E, De Vries-Bouwstra J, Distler J, Smith V, et al. Journal article Sugar‐bridged fullerene dumbbells and their interaction with the [10]cycloparaphenylene nanoring (2023) Jakšić J, Solymosi I, Hirsch A, Perez-Ojeda Rodriguez ME, Mitrović A, Maslak V Journal article Structure-dependent optical properties of Au/Ag irradiated TiN thin films (2023) Popovic M, Novakovic M, Vana D, Ronning C, Jugovic D, Rajic V, Noga P Journal article The Organization of Outreach Work for Vulnerable Patients in General Practice during COVID-19: Results from the Cross-Sectional PRICOV-19 Study in 38 Countries (2023) Van Poel E, Collins C, Groenewegen P, Spreeuwenberg P, Bojaj G, Gabrani J, Mallen C, et al. Journal article EULAR points to consider for the definition of clinical and imaging features suspicious for progression from psoriasis to psoriatic arthritis (2023) Zabotti A, De Marco G, Gossec L, Baraliakos X, Aletaha D, Iagnocco A, Gisondi P, et al. Journal article Activation of Osmium by the Surface Effects of Hydrogenated TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Performance (2023) Krstajić Pajić MN, Dobrota AS, Mazare AV, Đurđić S, Hwang I, Skorodumova NV, Manojlović D, et al. Journal article Synthesis and characterization of innovative resveratrol nanobelt-like particles and assessment of their bioactivity, antioxidative and antibacterial properties (2023) Tomić N, Matić T, Filipović N, Mitić Ćulafić D, Boccaccini AR, Stevanović MM Journal article New ASKAP radio supernova remnants and candidates in the Large Magellanic Cloud (2023) Bozzetto LM, Filipovic MD, Sano H, Alsaberi RZE, Barnes LA, Bojicic IS, Brose R, et al. Journal article