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The role of mesolevel characteristics of the health care system and socioeconomic factors on health care use – results of a scoping review (2024) Bammert P, Schüttig W, Novelli A, Iashchenko I, Spallek J, Blume M, Diehl K, et al. Journal article Correlates of perceived shared decision making with parents of children with special healthcare needs: Findings from the PART-CHILD study (2024) Görig T, Eichinger M, Georg S, Hoffmann D, Philippi H, König J, Urschitz MS, De Bock F Journal article Perceived shared decision making and satisfaction with care among children and adolescents with special healthcare needs and their parents: Cross-sectional evidence from the PART-CHILD Study (2024) Nisius K, Hoffmann D, Görig T, Georg S, Krug K, De Bock F, Eichinger M Journal article DEGRO guideline for personalized radiotherapy of brain metastases and leptomeningeal carcinomatosis in patients with breast cancer (2024) Borm KJ, Behzadi ST, Hörner-Rieber J, Krug D, Baumann R, Corradini S, Duma MN, et al. Journal article, Review article Characterization of Vascular Niche in Systemic Sclerosis by Spatial Proteomics (2024) Rius Rigau A, Li YN, Matei AE, Györfi AH, Bruch PM, Koziel S, Devakumar V, et al. Journal article, Original article Attenuation of fibroblast activation and fibrosis by adropin in systemic sclerosis (2024) Liang M, Dickel N, Györfi AH, SafakTümerdem B, Li YN, Rius Rigau A, Liang C, et al. Journal article Measurable residual disease quantification in adult patients with KMT2A-rearranged acute lymphoblastic leukemia (2024) Burmeister T, Ströh AS, Kehden B, Trautmann H, Meyer C, Marschalek R, Larghero P, et al. Journal article, Letter Machine Learning-assisted immunophenotyping of peripheral blood identifies innate immune cells as best predictor of response to induction chemo-immunotherapy in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma – knowledge obtained from the CheckRad-CD8 trial (2024) Hecht M, Frey B, Gaipl U, Tianyu X, Eckstein M, Donaubauer AJ, Klautke G, et al. Journal article A longitudinal analysis of health inequalities from adolescence to young adulthood and their underlying causes (2024) Reuter M, Diehl K, Richter M, Sundmacher L, Hövener C, Spallek J, Dragano N Journal article Schwangerschaft und Mutterschutz in der Kardiologie und in der Kinder- und Jugendkardiologie (2024) Güder G, Boer J, Busch S, Gaede L, Graf T, Herberg U, Kretschmer A, et al. Journal article