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Comparing open-source DEM frameworks for simulations of common bulk processes (2024) Dosta M, André D, Angelidakis V, Caulk R, Celigueta MÁ, Chareyre B, Dietiker JF, et al. Journal article, Original article The foundations of the Patagonian icefields (2024) Fürst J, Farías Barahona D, Blindow N, Casassa G, Gacitúa G, Koppes M, Lodolo E, et al. Journal article Comparing open-source DEM frameworks for simulations of common bulk processes (2024) Dosta M, Andre D, Angelidakis V, Caulk RA, Celigueta MA, Chareyre B, Dietiker JF, et al. Journal article Robust reconstruction of glacier beds using transient 2D assimilation with Stokes (2023) Cook S, Gillet-Chaulet F, Fürst J Journal article Probing cosmic inflation with the LiteBIRD cosmic microwave background polarization survey (2023) Allys E, Arnold K, Aumont J, Aurlien R, Azzoni S, Baccigalupi C, Banday AJ, et al. Journal article A Material View on Extrinsic Magnetic Domain Wall Pinning in Cylindrical CoNi Nanowires (2023) Schöbitz M, Novotný O, Trapp B, Bochmann S, Cagnon L, Thirion C, Massebœuf A, et al. Journal article Integrating biological HLA-DPB1 mismatch models to predict survival after unrelated hematopoietic cell transplantation (2023) Ruggeri A, De Wreede LC, Muller CR, Crivello P, Bonneville EF, Petersdorf EW, Socie G, et al. Journal article Novel Photonic Applications of Silicon Carbide (2023) Ou H, Shi X, Lu Y, Kollmuß M, Steiner J, Tabouret V, Syväjärvi M, et al. Journal article, Review article Stepwise asynchronous telehealth assessment of patients with suspected axial spondyloarthritis: results from a pilot study (2023) Labinsky H, von Rohr S, Raimondo MG, Bohr D, Morf H, Horstmann B, Seese F, et al. Journal article Dithienylethene-Based Single Molecular Photothermal Linear Actuator (2023) Rashid U, Chatir E, Medrano Sandonas L, Sreelakshmi PA, Dianat A, Gutierrez R, Cuniberti G, et al. Journal article