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ATCA study of Small Magellanic Cloud supernova remnant 1E 0102.2–7219 (2024) Alsaberi RZ, Filipović MD, Dai S, Sano H, Kothes R, Payne JL, Bozzetto LM, et al. Journal article Multipoles from Majorana constellations (2024) Romero JL, Klimov AB, Goldberg AZ, Leuchs G, Sánchez-Soto LL Journal article Fast as Potoroo: Radio Continuum Detection of a Bow-Shock Pulsar Wind Nebula Powered by Pulsar J1638-4713 (2024) Lazarević S, Filipović MD, Dai S, Kothes R, Ahmad A, Alsaberi RZ, Balzan JC, et al. Journal article EMU Detection of a Large and Low Surface Brightness Galactic SNR G288.8-6.3 (2023) Filipović MD, Dai S, Arbutina B, Hurley-Walker N, Brose R, Becker W, Sano H, et al. Journal article Sensing Rotations with Multiplane Light Conversion (2023) Eriksson M, Goldberg AZ, Hiekkamäki M, Bouchard F, Rehacek J, Hradil Z, Leuchs G, et al. Journal article All-Dielectric Huygens’ Meta-Waveguides for Resonant Integrated Photonics (2023) Sirmaci YD, Barreda Gomez A, Pertsch T, Schmid JH, Cheben P, Staude I Journal article New ASKAP radio supernova remnants and candidates in the Large Magellanic Cloud (2023) Bozzetto LM, Filipovic MD, Sano H, Alsaberi RZE, Barnes LA, Bojicic IS, Brose R, et al. Journal article Towards single-pulse terahertz spectroscopy at MHz rates (2023) Couture N, Lippl M, Cui W, Ostic R, Fandio DJJ, Yalavarthi EK, Vishnuradhan A, et al. Conference contribution Carbon supported NiRu nanoparticles as effective hydrogen evolution catalysts for anion exchange membrane water electrolyzers (2022) Ruck S, Körner A, Hutzler A, Bierling M, Gonzalez J, Qu W, Bock C, et al. Journal article Anion-Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers (2022) Du N, Roy C, Peach R, Turnbull M, Thiele S, Bock C Journal article, Review article
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