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Recent advances on spinel-based protective coatings for solid oxide cell metallic interconnects produced by electrophoretic deposition (2021) Zanchi E, Sabato AG, Molin S, Cempura G, Boccaccini AR, Smeacetto F Journal article Mn-Co spinel coatings on Crofer 22 APU by electrophoretic deposition: Up scaling, performance in SOFC stack at 850 °C and compositional modifications (2021) Sabato AG, Zanchi E, Molin S, Cempura G, Javed H, Herbrig K, Walter C, et al. Journal article Pressure assisted flash sintering of Mn-Co based spinel coatings for solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs) (2021) Javed H, Saunders T, Reece MJ, Zanchi E, Sabato AG, Boccaccini AR, Smeacetto F Journal article On the Germanium Incorporation in Cu2ZnSnSe4 Kesterite Solar Cells Boosting Their Efficiency (2020) Ritzer M, Schoenherr S, Schoeppe P, Wisniewski W, Giraldo S, Gurieva G, Johannes A, et al. Journal article Vibrational Properties of RbInSe2: Raman Scattering Spectroscopy and First-Principle Calculations (2020) Guc M, Kodalle T, Raghupathy RKM, Mirhosseini H, Kühne TD, Becerril-Romero I, Perez-Rodriguez A, et al. Journal article Back and front contacts in kesterite solar cells: State-of-the-art and open questions (2019) Platzer-Bjorkman C, Barreau N, Bär M, Choubrac L, Grenet L, Heo J, Kubart T, et al. Journal article Discrepancy between integral and local composition in off-stoichiometric Cu2ZnSnSe4 kesterites: A pitfall for classification (2017) Schoeppe P, Gurieva G, Giraldo S, Martinez-Criado G, Ronning C, Saucedo E, Schorr S, Schnohr CS Journal article Prospects of nanoscience with nanocrystals (2015) Kovalenko MV, Manna L, Cabot A, Hens Z, Talapin DV, Kagan CR, Klimov VI, et al. Journal article, Original article