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The formation of a giant post-collision porphyry copper system: A case study of the Jiama deposit, Tibet (2024) Sun M, Tang JX, Klemd R, Lin B, Tang P, Zhang Zb, Chen W, et al. Journal article Paleoproterozoic (2.01 Ga) high-pressure granulite facies metamorphism and isothermal decompression of garnet-orthopyroxene-cordierite-orthoamphibole gneisses from the Central Zone of the Limpopo Belt in eastern Botswana (2023) Brandt S, Klemd R, Ramos J, Drueppel K, Xie H Journal article Magmatic evolution of the migrating central Urumieh–Dokhtar arc, Iran: implications for magma production (2023) Babazadeh S, Haase K, Ghalamghash J, Regelous M, Poujol M, Raeisi D, Zhao M Journal article Late cretaceous magmatism in the Northern Lhasa subterrane, central Tibet: geodynamic implications (2022) Sun M, Chen W, Klemd R, Tang JX, Ma XD, Liu QP Journal article Early Mesozoic magmatism records the tectonic evolution from syn- to post-collisional setting in the Central Lhasa subterrane, Tibet (2022) Wang X, Lang X, Deng Y, Tang J, He Q, Xie F, Yin Q Journal article Subduction initiation of the Neo-Tethys oceanic lithosphere by collision‐induced subduction transference (2022) Wang X, Lang X, Klemd R, Deng Y, Tang J Journal article Identifying crystal accumulation and melt extraction during formation of high-silica granite (2022) Lu T, He ZY, Klemd R Journal article Geochronology and petrogenesis of Eocene gabbros and granitic rocks of the eastern Gangdese belt, southern Tibet: Implications for the timing of India-Asia collision (2021) Shui XF, Klemd R, He ZY, Mao JW, Zhao YY Journal article Unravelling the P-T-t history of three high-grade metamorphic events in the Epupa Complex, NW Namibia: Implications for the paleoproterozoic to mesoproterozoic evolution of the Congo Craton (2021) Brandt S, Klemd R, Xie H, Bobek P Journal article Hafnium-Neodymium isotope, trace element and U-Pb zircon age constraints on the petrogenesis of the 3.44–3.46 Ga Dwalile greenstone remnant, Ancient gneiss Complex, Swaziland (2020) Hoffmann JE, Musese E, Kröner A, Schneider K, Wong J, Hofmann A, Hegner E, et al. Journal article
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