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Diagnostic investigation of devolatilization, ignition, and flame fluctuation during laminar oxy-coal combustion (2024) Yuan M, Zhu W, Wang Z, Guo Y, Li G, Chen Y, Peng J, Sun R Journal article Structural and functional characterization of the endogenous agonist for orphan receptor GPR3 (2024) Chen G, Staffen N, Wu Z, Xu X, Pan J, Inoue A, Shi T, et al. Journal article, Letter Transition from etch-back to growth conditions during ammonothermal growth of GaN – a transient numerical model for convective flow and temperature distribution in a retrograde solubility configuration (2024) Schimmel S, Tomida D, Ishiguro T, Honda Y, Chichibu SF, Amano H Conference contribution, Abstract of a poster Structural and dynamic insights into supra-physiological activation and allosteric modulation of a muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (2023) Xu J, Wang Q, Hübner H, Hu Y, Niu X, Wang H, Maeda S, et al. Journal article Temperature Field, Flow Field, and Temporal Fluctuations Thereof in Ammonothermal Growth of Bulk GaN—Transition from Dissolution Stage to Growth Stage Conditions (2023) Schimmel S, Tomida D, Ishiguro T, Honda Y, Chichibu SF, Amano H Journal article Round robin test on angle of repose: DEM simulation results collected from 16 groups around the world (2023) Saomoto H, Kikkawa N, Moriguchi S, Nakata Y, Otsubo M, Angelidakis V, Cheng YP, et al. Journal article, Original article Axial-Bonding-Driven Dimensionality Effect on the Charge-Density Wave in NbSe2 (2022) Lin D, Ranjbar A, Li X, Huang X, Huang Y, Berger H, Forro L, et al. Journal article Activation and allosteric regulation of the orphan GPR88-Gi1 signaling complex (2022) Chen G, Xu J, Inoue A, Schmidt M, Bai C, Lu Q, Gmeiner P, et al. Journal article Polarized x-rays constrain the disk-jet geometry in the black hole x-ray binary Cygnus X-1 (2022) Krawczynski H, Muleri F, Dovčiak M, Veledina A, Rodriguez Cavero N, Svoboda J, Ingram A, et al. Journal article Cavity magnonics (2022) Zare Rameshti B, Viola Kusminskiy S, Haigh JA, Usami K, Lachance-Quirion D, Nakamura Y, Hu CM, et al. Journal article, Review article