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Ski Mountaineering-Scientific Knowledge of This New Olympic Sport: A Narrative Review (2023) Schöffl VR, Zimmermann P, Kuepper T, Lutter C Journal article, Review article The Energetic Costs of Uphill Locomotion in Trail Running: Physiological Consequences Due to Uphill Locomotion Pattern-A Feasibility Study (2022) Zimmermann P, Muller N, Ehrlich B, Moser O, Schoeffl I, Schöffl V Journal article Left Ventricular, Left Atrial and Right Ventricular Strain Modifications after Maximal Exercise in Elite Ski-Mountaineering Athletes: A Feasibility Speckle Tracking Study (2022) Zimmermann P, Eckstein ML, Moser O, Schoeffl I, Zimmermann L, Schöffl VR Journal article Prevalence of amenorrhea in elite female competitive climbers (2022) Joubert L, Warme A, Larson A, Gronhaug G, Michael M, Burtscher E, Meyer N, Schöffl V Journal article Physiological Effects of Training in Elite German Winter Sport Athletes: Sport Specific Remodeling Determined Using Echocardiographic Data and CPET Performance Parameters (2022) Zimmermann P, Schoeffl I, Schöffl VR, Zimmermann L, Eckstein ML, Moser O, Wustenfeld J Journal article Evaluation of a four-week Adjunct Compensatory Training for the treatment of climbing-specific overstrain syndromes of the shoulder (2022) Grohnert LS, Bonato M, Schöffl V Journal article Implementation of CDK4/6 Inhibitors and its Influence on the Treatment Landscape of Advanced Breast Cancer Patients – Data from the Real-World Registry PRAEGNANT (2022) Engler T, Fasching P, Lueftner D, Hartkopf AD, Mueller V, Kolberg HC, Hadji P, et al. Journal article Jumping into a Healthier Future: Trampolining for Increasing Physical Activity in Children (2021) Schöffl VR, Schöffl I, Ehrlich B, Rottermann K, Weigelt A, Dittrich S, Schoeffl V Journal article Ski mountaineering: sports medical considerations for this new Olympic sports (2021) Boesl T, Lutter C, Schöffl V Journal article, Editorial Evaluation of a Diagnostic-Therapeutic Algorithm for Finger Epiphyseal Growth Plate Stress Injuries in Adolescent Climbers (2021) Schoffl I, Flohe S, El-Sheikh Y, Lutter C, Schöffl V Journal article
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