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Comparative efficacy and safety of subcutaneous infliximab and vedolizumab in patients with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis included in randomised controlled trials (2024) Peyrin‐Biroulet L, Arkkila P, Armuzzi A, Danese S, Ferrante M, Jordi Guardiola , Jahnsen J, et al. Journal article Decompressive craniectomy plus best medical treatment versus best medical treatment alone for spontaneous severe deep supratentorial intracerebral haemorrhage: a randomised controlled clinical trial (2024) Beck J, Fung C, Strbian D, Bütikofer L, Z'Graggen WJ, Lang MF, Beyeler S, et al. Journal article Kidney function and other associated factors of sarcopenia in community-dwelling older adults: The SCOPE study (2024) Moreno-González R, Cruzado JM, Corsonello A, Fabbietti P, Tap L, Mattace-Raso F, Ärnlöv J, et al. Journal article Short physical performance battery is not associated with falls and injurious falls in older persons: longitudinal data of the SCOPE project (2024) Freiberger E, Fabbietti P, Corsonello A, Lattanzio F, Sieber C, Tap L, Mattace-Raso F, et al. Journal article In-hospital Outcomes of Rotational Atherectomy in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Results From the Multicentre ROTA-STEMI Network (2024) Hemetsberger R, Mankerious N, Muntané-Carol G, Temporal J, Sulimov D, Gaede L, Woitek F, et al. Journal article Prevalence of Sarcopenia in Chronic Heart Failure and Modulating Role of Chronic Kidney Disease (2024) Formiga F, Moreno-Gónzalez R, Corsonello A, Mattace-Raso F, Carlsson AC, Ärnlöv J, Kostka J, et al. Journal article Quality of Life and Kidney Function in Older Adults: Prospective Data of the SCOPE Study (2023) Artzi-Medvedik R, Kob R, Di Rosa M, Lattanzio F, Corsonello A, Yehoshua I, Roller-Wirnsberger RE, et al. Journal article Ability to remotely monitor atrial high-rate episodes using a single-chamber implantable cardioverter-defibrillator with a floating atrial sensing dipole (2023) Hindricks G, Theuns DA, Bar-Lev D, Anguera I, Ayala Paredes FA, Arnold M, Geller JC, et al. Journal article Intravenous Thrombolysis in Patients With Ischemic Stroke and Recent Ingestion of Direct Oral Anticoagulants (2023) Meinel TR, Wilson D, Gensicke H, Scheitz JF, Ringleb P, Goganau I, Kaesmacher J, et al. Journal article Single-cell multi-omics analysis of COVID-19 patients with pre-existing autoimmune diseases shows aberrant immune responses to infection (2023) Barmada A, Handfield LF, Godoy-Tena G, de la Calle-Fabregat C, Ciudad L, Arutyunyan A, Andrés-León E, et al. Journal article