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Numerical and Experimental Investigations on the Ignition Behavior of OME (2022) Wiesmann F, Strauß L, Rieß S, Manin J, Wan K, Lauer T Journal article Resonant metasurfaces for generating complex quantum states (2022) Santiago Cruz T, Gennaro SD, Mitrofanov O, Addamane S, Reno J, Brener I, Chekhova M Journal article SPDC Conversion from Bound State in the Continuum in Semiconductor Metasurfaces: Polarization Properties (2022) Gennaro SD, Santiago-Cruz T, Mitrofanov O, Vabishchevich PP, Addamane S, Bethke D, Reno J, et al. Conference contribution Photon Pair Generation from Bound States in the Continuum in Nonlinear Metasurfaces (2022) Santiago-Cruz T, Gennaro SD, Mitrofanov O, Vabishchevich PP, Addamane S, Bethke D, Reno J, et al. Conference contribution Resiliency in numerical algorithm design for extreme scale simulations (2021) Agullo E, Altenbernd M, Anzt H, Bautista-Gomez L, Benacchio T, Bonaventura L, Bungartz HJ, et al. Journal article, Report Fragmentation and abrasion in granular matter systems (2021) Weinhart T, Lechman J, Pöschel T Journal article Techno-economic performance modelling of bifacial and tracking PV systems worldwide (2021) Rodriguez-Gallegos CD, Liu H, Gandhi O, Singh JP, Krishnamurthy V, Kumar A, Stein JS, et al. Conference contribution Ultrafast all-optical diffraction switching using semiconductor metasurfaces (2021) Vabishchevich PP, Vaskin A, Karl N, Reno JL, Sinclair MB, Staude I, Brener I Journal article Manipulation of quantum dot emission with semiconductor metasurfaces exhibiting magnetic quadrupole resonances (2021) Vaskin A, Liu S, Addamane S, Vabishchevich PP, Yang Y, Balarishnan G, Sinclair MB, et al. Journal article Simultaneous high-speed formaldehyde PLIF and schlieren imaging of multiple injections from an ECN Spray D injector (2021) Maes N, Sim HS, Weiß L, Pickett L Conference contribution