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Instrumentalising National Identity and Adapting Nostalgia in Current British Political Rhetoric: Imagining National Futures (2025) Henneböhl D, Tönnies M Unpublished / Preprint Protein intake and body weight, fat mass and waist circumference: an umbrella review of systematic reviews for the evidence-based guideline on protein intake of the German Nutrition Society (2024) Ellinger S, Amini AM, Haardt J, Lehmann A, Schmidt A, Bischoff-Ferrari HA, Buyken AE, et al. Journal article, Review article Kinetically Stable and Highly Ordered Two-Dimensional CN2 Crystal Structures (2024) Nolkemper K, Antonietti M, Kühne TD, Ghasemi SA Journal article Corrosion behaviour of self-piercing riveted joints with uncoated rivets in high nitrogen steel (2024) Uhe B, Kuball CM, Merklein M, Meschut G Journal article Cross-process chain influence of process variations in self-piercing riveting with regard to semi-finished product dimensions (2024) Kuball CM, Uhe B, Meschut G, Merklein M Journal article Cognitive, physical and emotional determinants of activities of daily living in nursing home residents—a cross-sectional study within the PROCARE-project (2023) Wollesen B, Schott N, Klotzbier T, Bischoff LL, Cordes T, Rudisch J, Otto AK, et al. Journal article Expert-approved best practice recommendations on the use of sedative drugs and intentional sedation in specialist palliative care (SedPall) (2023) Ostgathe C, Bausewein C, Schildmann E, Bazata J, Handtke V, Heckel M, Klein C, et al. Journal article City 5.0: Citizen involvement in the design of future cities (2023) Becker J, Chasin F, Rosemann M, Beverungen D, Priefer J, Brocke Jv, Matzner M, et al. Journal article Grundschullehramt zwischen Professionalität und De-Professionalisierung. Herausforderungen der Lehrkräftequalifizierung für eine hochwertige grundlegende Bildung in der Grundschule (2023) Rank A, Büker P, Miller S, Martschinke S Journal article Health status, resources, and job demands in geriatric nursing staff: A cross-sectional study on determinants and relationships (2023) Korbus H, Hildebrand C, Schott N, Bischoff L, Otto AK, Jöllenbeck T, Schöne D, et al. Journal article