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Molecular Pathway-Based Classification of Ectodermal Dysplasias: First Five-Yearly Update (2022) Peschel N, Wright JT, Koster MI, Clarke AJ, Tadini G, Fete M, Hadj-Rabia S, et al. Journal article DFT exchange: sharing perspectives on the workhorse of quantum chemistry and materials science (2022) Teale AM, Helgaker T, Savin A, Adamo C, Aradi B, Arbuznikov A, Ayers PW, et al. Journal article Attachment goes to court: Child protection and custody issues El Apego Va a Juicio: Problemas de Custodia y Protección Infantil (2022) Forslund T, Granqvist P, Van Ijzendoorn MH, Sagi-Schwartz A, Glaser D, Steele M, Hammarlund M, et al. Journal article Inter‐laboratory Characterisation of Apatite Reference Materials for Oxygen Isotope Analysis and Associated Methodological Considerations (2022) Wudarska A, Wiedenbeck M, Słaby E, Lempart-Drozd M, Harris C, Joachimski M, Lécuyer C, et al. Journal article, Original article Duration of Ischemia Affects Outcomes Independent of Infarct Size in Stroke. (2022) Kim Y, Khose S, Zaidat OO, Hassan AE, Fifi JT, Nanda A, Atchie B, et al. Journal article Bivalve Mollusks as Hosts in the Fossil Record (2021) Huntley JW, de Baets K, Scarponi D, Linehan LC, Epa YR, Jacobs GS, Todd JA Book chapter / Article in edited volumes The Fossil Record of Parasitism: Its Extent and Taphonomic Constraints (2021) de Baets K, Huntley JW, Klompmaker AA, Schiffbauer JD, Muscente AD Book chapter / Article in edited volumes The Evolution and Fossil Record of Parasitism: Coevolution and Paleoparasitological Techniques (2021) de Baets K, Huntley JW Authored book, Volume of book series Phanerozoic parasitism and marine metazoan diversity: dilution versus amplification (2021) de Baets K, Huntley JW, Scarponi D, Klompmaker AA, Skawina A Journal article, Original article The Evolution and Fossil Record of Parasitism: Identification and Macroevolution of Parasites (2021) de Baets K, Huntley JW Authored book
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