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Photoconverting nets affect plant growth and levels of antiviral glucoevatromonoside and total cardenolides in Digitalis mariana ssp. heywoodii (P. Silva and M. Silva) Hinz (2023) Marafeli ÉAM, Chibli LA, Rocha JPM, Assis RMAd, Pinto JEBP, Pádua RMd, Kreis W, et al. Journal article IBEROAMERICAN REVIEWS RESEÑAS IBEROAMERICANAS (2023) Del Valle Lattanzio C, Jaeckel V, Cano EH, Rivero C, de la Paz PN, Calle JF, Salinas VC, et al. Journal article, Review article Potent anti-inflammatory activity of the lectin-like domain of TNF in joints (2022) Pinto ACMD, Nunes RDM, Nogueira IA, Fischer B, Lucas R, Girao-Carmona VCC, De Oliveira VLS, et al. Journal article Sustainable oxidation catalysis supported by light: Fe-poly (heptazine imide) as a heterogeneous single-atom photocatalyst (2022) Da Silva MAR, Silva IF, Xue Q, Lo BTW, Tarakina N, Nunes BN, Adler P, et al. Journal article Performance Evaluation of Nano-RTD VCO Devices for On-Body THz Nano-Communication Applications (2022) Nobrega R, Sanches A, Loiola M, Jurado-Navas A, Gerstacker W, Raddo T Conference contribution Conclusion: A virtual discussion about the quantitative revolution’s legacy for past, present, and future (2022) Barnes TJ, Bergmann LR, Gyuris F, Hannah M, Lamego M, Lira LAd, Meeteren Mv, et al. Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Effects of Lipophilicity and Structural Features on the Antiherpes Activity of Digitalis Cardenolides and Derivatives (2022) De Padua RM, Kratz JM, Munkert J, Bertol JW, Rigotto C, Schuster D, Maltarollo VG, et al. Journal article Influence of the wavelength and intensity of LED lights and cytokinins on the growth rate and the concentration of total cardenolides in Digitalis mariana Boiss. ssp. heywoodii (P. Silva and M. Silva) Hinz cultivated in vitro (2022) Da Silva GM, Mohamed A, De Carvalho AA, Brasil Pereira Pinto JE, Braga FC, De Padua RM, Kreis W, Vilela Bertolucci SK Journal article Cytotoxicity of glucoevatromonoside alone and in combination with chemotherapy drugs and their effects on Na+,K+-ATPase and ion channels on lung cancer cells (2021) Zanchett Schneider NF, Menegaz D, Andreotti Dagostin AL, Persich L, Rocha SC, Pacheco Ramos AC, Cortes VF, et al. Journal article Digitoxigenin presents an effective and selective antileishmanial action against Leishmania infantum and is a potential therapeutic agent for visceral leishmaniasis (2020) Freitas CS, Oliveira-da-Silva JA, Lage DP, Costa RR, Mendonça DV, Martins VT, Reis TA, et al. Journal article