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Activation of the alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor ameliorates skin fibrosis and reduces TGF-beta1-induced collagen synthesis in human dermal fibroblasts by modulating JunB (2023) Stegemann A, Dreissigacker K, Summa L, Flis D, Distler J, Ziolkowski W, Steinbrink K, Boehm M Conference contribution Single Crystalline Films of Ce3+-Doped Y3MgxSiyAl5−x−yO12 Garnets: Crystallization, Optical, and Photocurrent Properties (2023) Gorbenko V, Zorenko T, Shakhno A, Popielarski P, Osvet A, Batentschuk M, Fedorov A, et al. Journal article Quantumness beyond entanglement: The case of symmetric states (2022) Goldberg AZ, Grassl M, Leuchs G, Sánchez-Soto LL Journal article Attachment goes to court: Child protection and custody issues El Apego Va a Juicio: Problemas de Custodia y Protección Infantil (2022) Forslund T, Granqvist P, Van Ijzendoorn MH, Sagi-Schwartz A, Glaser D, Steele M, Hammarlund M, et al. Journal article Algorithmic approach to cosmological coherent state expectation values in loop quantum gravity (2021) Liegener K, Rudnicki L Journal article Attachment goes to court: child protection and custody issues (2021) Forslund T, Granqvist P, van IJzendoorn MH, Sagi-Schwartz A, Glaser D, Steele M, Hammarlund M, et al. Journal article Functional analysis and cryo-electron microscopy of Campylobacter jejuni serine protease HtrA (2020) Zarzecka U, Grinzato A, Kandiah E, Cysewski D, Berto P, Skorko-Glonek J, Zanotti G, Backert S Journal article Myeloperoxidase Modulates Inflammation in Generalized Pustular Psoriasis and Additional Rare Pustular Skin Diseases (2020) Haskamp S, Bruns H, Hahn M, Hoffmann M, Gregor A, Löhr S, Hahn J, et al. Journal article Importance of two PDZ domains for the proteolytic and chaperone activities of Helicobacter pylori serine protease HtrA (2020) Zarzecka U, Matkowska D, Backert S, Skorko-Glonek J Journal article The α7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor: A Promising Target for the Treatment of Fibrotic Skin Disorders (2020) Stegemann A, Flis D, Ziolkowski W, Distler J, Steinbrink K, Böhm M Journal article
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