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Control of neural transport for normalising flows (2024) Ruiz-Balet D, Zuazua Iriondo E Journal article, Original article Validation of Machine Learning-Based Assessment of Major Depressive Disorder from Paralinguistic Speech Characteristics in Routine Care (2024) Bauer JF, Gerczuk M, Schindler-Gmelch L, Amiriparian S, Ebert DD, Krajewski J, Schuller BW, Berking M Journal article Preeclampsia Associated Differences in the Placenta, Fetal Brain, and Maternal Heart Can Be Demonstrated Antenatally: An Observational Cohort Study Using MRI (2024) Hall M, De Marvao A, Schweitzer R, Cromb D, Colford K, Jandu P, O'Regan DP, et al. Journal article Influence of spatio-temporal filtering on hand kinematics estimation from high-density EMG signals (2024) Simpetru R, Cnejevici V, Farina D, Del Vecchio A Journal article Speech-DPOAEs for probing speech processing in the inner ear (2024) Saiz-Alia M, Miller P, Reichenbach T Conference contribution Metrics reloaded: recommendations for image analysis validation (2024) Maier-Hein L, Reinke A, Godau P, Tizabi MD, Buettner F, Christodoulou E, Glocker B, et al. Journal article Machine Learning for Ultra High Throughput Screening of Organic Solar Cells: Solving the Needle in the Haystack Problem (2024) Hußner M, Pacalaj RA, Olaf Müller-Dieckert G, Liu C, Zhou Z, Majeed N, Greedy S, et al. Journal article Virology, pathogenesis, epidemiology and clinical management of HTLV-1 infection. Proceedings of the 30th HTLV European research network (HERN 2023) (2024) De Mendoza C, Taylor G, Gessain A, Thoma-Kreß A, Bangham C, Vesterbacka J, Accolla R, et al. Journal article Control of reaction-diffusion models in biology and social sciences (2024) Ruiz-Balet D, Zuazua Iriondo E Unpublished / Preprint Realistic Data Enrichment for Robust Image Segmentation in Histopathology (2024) Cechnicka S, Ball J, Reynaud H, Arthurs C, Roufosse C, Kainz B Conference contribution, Original article