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Ultrafast Surface-Specific Spectroscopy of Water at a Photoexcited TiO2 Model Water-Splitting Photocatalyst (2024) Backus EH, Hosseinpour S, Ramanan C, Sun S, Schlegel SJ, Zelenka M, Jia X, et al. Journal article Cove-Edged Chiral Graphene Nanoribbons with Chirality-Dependent Bandgap and Carrier Mobility (2024) Liu K, Zheng W, Osella S, Qiu ZL, Böckmann S, Niu W, Meingast L, et al. Journal article Organic Nucleation: Water Rearrangement Reveals the Pathway of Ibuprofen (2024) Lu H, Macht M, Rosenberg R, Wiedenbeck E, Lukas M, Qi D, Maltseva D, et al. Journal article Twisted bilayer zigzag-graphene nanoribbon junctions with tunable edge states (2023) Wang D, Bao DL, Zheng Q, Wang CT, Wang S, Fan P, Mishra S, et al. Journal article Self‐Assembled Supported Ionic Liquids (2023) Tavera Méndez CL, Bergen A, Trzeciak S, Heinemann FW, Graf R, Zahn D, Meyer K, et al. Journal article Size-dependent nanoscale soldering of polystyrene colloidal crystals by supercritical fluids (2023) Varghese J, Mohammadi R, Pochylski M, Babacic V, Gapinski J, Vogel N, Butt HJ, et al. Journal article Boosting Oxygen Electrocatalytic Activity of Fe-N-C Catalysts by Phosphorus Incorporation (2023) Zhou Y, Lu R, Tao X, Qiu Z, Chen G, Yang J, Zhao Y, et al. Journal article Exceptionally clean single-electron transistors from solutions of molecular graphene nanoribbons (2023) Niu W, Sopp S, Lodi A, Gee A, Kong F, Pei T, Gehring P, et al. Journal article Semiconducting Conjugated Coordination Polymer with High Charge Mobility Enabled by “4 + 2” Phenyl Ligands (2023) Huang X, Fu S, Lin C, Lu Y, Wang M, Zhang P, Huang C, et al. Journal article Doped graphene characterized via Raman spectroscopy and magneto-transport measurements (2023) Braatz ML, Weber NE, Singh B, Muellen K, Feng X, Klaeui M, Gradhand M Journal article