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Assessment of Osteogenic Exercise Efficacy via Bone Turnover Markers in Premenopausal Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial (2024) Sanchez-Trigo H, Kemmler W, Duque G, Sañudo B Journal article Investigation of catalytic activation of peroxydisulfate on cu-doped mesoporous silica-based particles (Cu-BMS) for efficient degradation of methylene blue (2024) Sajjadi S, Anand A, Beltrán AM, Dvoranová D, Boccaccini AR, Galusková D, Jaška D, Klement R Journal article Non-apoptotic FAS signaling controls mTOR activation and extrafollicular maturation in human B cells (2024) Staniek J, Kalina T, Andrieux G, Boerries M, Janowska I, Fuentes M, Díez P, et al. Journal article Sol-gel derived B2O3-CaO borate bioactive glasses with hemostatic, antibacterial and pro-angiogenic activities (2024) Zheng K, Bider F, Monavari M, Xu Z, Janko C, Alexiou C, Beltrán AM, Boccaccini AR Journal article Oxidation and coordination states assumed by transition metal dopants in an invert ultrabasic silicate glass (2023) Zandona A, Castaing V, Shames A, Helsch G, Deubener J, Becerro AI, Allix M, Goldstein A Journal article City 5.0: Citizen involvement in the design of future cities (2023) Becker J, Chasin F, Rosemann M, Beverungen D, Priefer J, Brocke Jv, Matzner M, et al. Journal article Cerium doped dendritic mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles with bioactivity and drug delivery capability (2023) Xu Z, Keller E, Beltrán AM, Zheng K, Boccaccini AR Journal article Developing a bioactive glass coated dental floss: antibacterial and mechanical evaluations (2023) Simila H, Beltrán AM, Boccaccini AR Journal article Growth of hydroxyapatite plate-like nanoparticles by additive free precipitation for the deposition of aligned coatings (2023) Baştan FE, Şen B, Özgenç Ş, Beltrán AM, Boccaccini AR Journal article All-trans retinoic acid works synergistically with the γsecretase inhibitor crenigacestat to augment BCMA on multiple myeloma and the efficacy of BCMA-CAR T cells (2023) Garcia-Guerrero E, Rodriguez-Lobato LG, Sierro-Martinez B, Danhof S, Bates S, Frenz S, Haertle L, et al. Journal article