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Prolactin and oxytocin: potential targets for migraine treatment (2023) Szewczyk AK, Ulutas S, Aktürk T, Al-Hassany L, Börner C, Cernigliaro F, Kodounis M, et al. Journal article, Review article Valvular system of the lacrimal drainage pathway and the valve of Rosenmüller (2023) Gaca PJ, Heindl LM, Paulsen F, Ali MJ Journal article Genome-wide association analyses define pathogenic signaling pathways and prioritize drug targets for IgA nephropathy (2023) Kiryluk K, Sanchez-Rodriguez E, Zhou XJ, Zanoni F, Liu L, Mladkova N, Khan A, et al. Journal article Clinical effectiveness and safety of olaparib in BRCA-mutated, HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer in a real-world setting: final analysis of LUCY (2023) Balmaña J, Fasching P, Couch FJ, Delaloge S, Labidi-Galy I, O’Shaughnessy J, Park YH, et al. Journal article Genome-Wide Survey for Microdeletions or -Duplications in 155 Patients with Lower Urinary Tract Obstructions (LUTO) (2021) Schierbaum LM, Schneider S, Herms S, Sivalingam S, Fabian J, Reutter HM, Weber S, et al. Journal article Aggregated neutrophil extracellular traps occlude Meibomian glands during ocular surface inflammation (2021) Mahajan A, Hasíková L, Hampel U, Grüneboom A, Shan X, Herrmann I, Garreis F, et al. Journal article Association of Rare CYP39A1 Variants with Exfoliation Syndrome Involving the Anterior Chamber of the Eye (2021) Li Z, Wang Z, Lee MC, Zenkel M, Peh E, Ozaki M, Topouzis F, et al. Journal article The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the management and course of chronic urticaria (2020) Kocaturk E, Salman A, Cherrez-Ojeda I, Criado PR, Peter J, Comert-Ozer E, Abuzakouk M, et al. Journal article Severe neurological outcomes after very early bilateral nephrectomies in patients with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD) (2020) Burgmaier K, Ariceta G, Bald M, Buescher AK, Burgmaier M, Erger F, Gessner M, et al. Journal article Elotuzumab, lenalidomide, and dexamethasone in RRMM: final overall survival results from the phase 3 randomized ELOQUENT-2 study (2020) Dimopoulos MA, Lonial S, White D, Moreau P, Weisel K, San-Miguel J, Shpilberg O, et al. Journal article
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