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Location: Xian, China (CN) CN

ISNI: 0000000417654000

ROR: https://ror.org/03zmrmn05

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Updates on Hydrogen Value Chain: A Strategic Roadmap (2023) Garcia-Navarro J, Isaacs MA, Favaro M, Ren D, Ong W, Graetzel M, Jimenéz-Calvo P Journal article Enhanced Variability and Declining Trend of Soil Moisture Since the 1880s on the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau (2023) Wang L, Liu H, Grießinger J, Chen D, Sun C, Fang C Journal article Mitosis domain generalization in histopathology images — The MIDOG challenge (2023) Aubreville M, Stathonikos N, Bertram CA, Klopfleisch R, ter Hoeve N, Ciompi F, Wilm F, et al. Journal article 18.2%-efficient ternary all-polymer organic solar cells with improved stability enabled by a chlorinated guest polymer acceptor (2023) Sun R, Wang T, Fan Q, Wu M, Yang X, Wu X, Yu Y, et al. Journal article Updates on Hydrogen Value Chain: A Strategic Roadmap (2023) Garcia-Navarro J, Isaacs MA, Favaro M, Ren D, Ong WJ, Grätzel M, Jimenéz-Calvo P Journal article, Review article In situ SnSe deposition as passivation for scalable and stable quasi-2D lead-tin perovskite solar cells (2023) Chen L, Tekelenburg EK, Gahlot K, Pitaro M, Xi J, Lasorsa A, Feraco G, et al. Journal article Red edge effect and chromoselective photocatalysis with amorphous covalent triazine-based frameworks (2022) Zou Y, Abednatanzi S, Derakhshandeh PG, Mazzanti S, Schüßlbauer C, Cruz D, Van Der Voort P, et al. Journal article The 1820s Marks a Shift to Hotter-Drier Summers in Western Europe Since 1360 (2022) Wang L, Liu H, Chen D, Zhang P, Leavitt S, Liu Y, Fang C, et al. Journal article Layer-by-layer processed binary all-polymer solar cells with efficiency over 16% enabled by finely optimized morphology (2022) Zhang Y, Wu B, He Y, Deng W, Li J, Li J, Qiao N, et al. Journal article Editorial: Multifunctional Bioactive Nanomaterials for Tissue Regeneration, Volume 2 (2022) Lei B, Boccaccini AR, Chen X Journal article