Nagoya Institute of Technology / 名古屋工業大学 Nagoya Kōgyō Daigaku

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Location: Nagoya, Japan (JP) JP

ISNI: 0000000106567591


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Determining thermal activation parameters for ferroelectric domain nucleation in BaTiO3 from molecular dynamics simulations (2024) Durdiev D, Zaiser M, Wendler F, Tsuzuki T, Azuma H, Ogata S, Kobayashi R, Uranagase M Journal article Tuning the luminescence color of Eu3+- and alkali-ion-codoped Sr2CaWO6 orange-red phosphors: Eu3+ site distribution and site-selective photoluminescence studies (2024) Otsuka T, Oka R, Cicconi MR, de Ligny D, Hayakawa T Journal article The role of Ca/Zr ratio on the local structure and phase transitions in lead-free (Ba,Ca)(Zr,Ti)O3 (2024) Dobesh D, Gadelmawla A, Miyazaki H, Hinterstein M, Kimura K, Maier J, Banerjee S, et al. Journal article Effect of Li on the intrinsic and extrinsic contributions of the piezoelectric response in Lix(Na0.5K0.5)1-xNbO3 piezoelectric ceramics across the polymorphic phase boundary (2024) Martin A, Khansur NH, Urushihara D, Asaka T, Kakimoto Ki, Webber KG Journal article Observation of the local electromechanical response in 2-2 ceramic-ceramic lead-free ferroelectric composites via digital image correlation (2024) Martin A, Maier J, Kakimoto KI, Kamlah M, Webber KG Journal article Stress dependent impedance spectroscopy of niobium based ceramics (2023) Tanaka H, Nozaki T, Martin A, Webber KG, Kakimoto KI Journal article Investigation of ferroelectric Ba1−xCaxZryTi1−yO3 single crystal by in situ temperature-dependent x-ray diffraction and first-principles calculations (2023) Gadelmawla A, Spreafico S, Heinemann FW, Urushihara D, Liu D, Li Q, Yan Q, et al. Journal article Atomic structure of ZrO2-doped Li2O–SiO2-based multi-component glasses revealed by molecular dynamics–reverse Monte Carlo modeling (2023) Toyoda R, Usui K, Hirota T, Kimura K, Onodera Y, Cicconi MR, Belli R, et al. Journal article Energy-Reduced Fabrication of Light-Frame Ceramic Honeycombs by Replication of Additive Manufactured Templates (2023) Köllner D, Niedermeyer S, Vermes M, Simon S, Kakimoto KI, Fey T Journal article Cost-Efficient Real-Time Adaptive Location Tracking With Interacting Multiple Transition Model for Implantable Medical Device (2023) Dmitrieva D, Anzai D, Kirchner J, Fischer G, Wang J Journal article